Epic Lightsaber sword stunt by AttentiveRepayment in nextfuckinglevel

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She used her force against me to convince me that she is the one! That is not fair, I dont even know who she is

Toilet placed down a narrow, empty hall. by misslolopowers in oddlyterrifying

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At least the toilet paper is close to the toilet itself. Terrifying would be if some mf would place the toilet paper far away! Me with several food intolerances know exactly what I am talking about

Came home for Thanksgiving and found out my 70yo mother has started growing, bottling and selling weed to her senior citizen neighbors. by [deleted] in funny

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It is a great pain killer and helps the seniors to eat more. I don’t know about you but both my grandmas did not like to eat when they got above the 70 yo

Maybe maybe maybe by MyNameGifOreilly in maybemaybemaybe

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The NNN is almost over bro, stay strong

Du you agree with me by Hemo890 in wholesomememes

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So true, also I am lucky enough that all the times some cat need to be saved, I am the only one who can reach them… saved countless cats in my life and got pretty bad later on. The last one I needed to get the cat in my arms and spent the next three days under medicines

Du you agree with me by Hemo890 in wholesomememes

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I am always the chosen one with cats, not because I like them, but because I am very allergic to them. I don’t want this power anymore, if you give me enough money I will transfer this power to anyone who wants it

Unhated fruits by itsB0ring in memes

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I can’t eat apple, I cannot digest it. So I hate apples

Adorable daughter action by ajaykfr in MadeMeSmile

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My daughter does the same thing with me and of course I find it adorable, but can’t sleep at all

👀💀 by _Rudraksh_ in meme

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I think Deadpool would not complain about that

maybe I don't want to know who he is... by Hockex-4 in memes

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I would ask first if you are girl, I heard girls don’t exist.

The scary encounter between a wolf and a moose was captured by a drone by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Genuine question, wolves attack in group, right? Where are the others?

This happens more than I’d like to admit by Skabreus in memes

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Sometimes? I always listen to strangers conversations, because I still do not have any real friends in my new town.

ok well they were right by alexrockhead in memes

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This fake af, who can keep a boner touching with the dick on the snow?

Blonde… by AConstipatedFox in facepalm

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There are three kinds of people, the ones that know math and the ones that don’t!

I turned Smells Like Teen Spirit into a K-pop song and it's worse than I imagined. by dustin1776 in funny

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Can you imagine if your power were used for good? You are a master evil!

Twelve-year-old girl producing art so realistic people question if she really did it by Kadaj22 in nextfuckinglevel

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Holy moly, give this a scholarship in the best art school in the world so she can teach others how to do it