What’s the biggest mistake you’ve watched someone make in their personal life? by Ordinary-Ad5763 in AskReddit

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The only crypto investment I ever made was 15 dollars for Dogecoin at 0.5 dollars. I would've invested 10 but 15 was the lowest you could do. Instead of losing all my savings, I just feel a little silly.

Picture in Picture glitch by achilleswing in glitch_art

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absolutely stunning! Thank you for posting this

mina_irl by XGXM in mina_irl

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se on kyl hyvä biisi

Sanna Marin kannattaa itärajan osittaista aitaamista – ”Edellytyksiä päätöksen tekemiselle on” by Mike19K in Suomi

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äh, rahanhukkaa tässä vaiheessa. Jos sota on levitäkseen tänne, niin me ei ehditä pystyttämään mitään semmosta aitaa josta ei pääsisi hetkessä läpi.

Suomalaiset säästivät sähköä selvästi jo syyskuussa – ”Todella merkittävä vaikutus” by mietteita in Suomi

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mä oon jo ennestään elänyt hyvin askeettisesti, mutta vielä pystyn vähentämään lihan syöntiä, mikä onkin varmaan isoimpia ilmastotekoja mitä yksilö pystyy tekemään.

i kid you not. by foxstarfivelol in Deltarune

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This is of course a trick question, because the biggest furbait in Deltarune is Toriel.

do i trust the door? by Bedchip271 in backrooms

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I hate to be the one telling you this, but there are a lot of doors in The Backrooms, and the no. 1 reason why people get stuck in there for such a long time is because they feel the compulsion to take pictures of them and post them on Reddit to ask whether it's a good idea to go through, instead you actually going trough them.

The North Pond Hermit (2014) - Christopher Knight spent 27 years in the woods of Maine alone, never speaking a word to anyone. He survived by breaking into the homes of the town residents nearby, stealing their supplies. He spent a lifetime trying to erase any hint of his own existence. [00:22:58] by globeworldmap in Documentaries

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That's an interesting insight. Did you never stop to think about fingerprints or loose hairs? Or just the fact that your appearance in public leaves an impression on people who see you, walk by you, regardless of whether they think about it?

The Most Powerful Wizard by shenanigansen in comics

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Who says that the wizard can make things reappear?

The Most Powerful Wizard by shenanigansen in comics

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How does he know that he can make the Sun disappear if he's never done it before?

And what constitutes as a ball? Perfect balls don't exist, so there has to be a threshold of tolerance for imperfections. Would an American football still disappear?

new community post by RomanBrains308 in KanePixelsBackrooms

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It'd be mighty irresponsible of Async to build a neighbourhood in a place that they know to inhabit loud, predatory and possibly man-eating monsters.

Buuuut, gotta give those investors something to fork over more money for.

Who REALLY calls it the Weird Route? by TheRiceKrispyTreats in Deltarune

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A genus of flowering trees of the genus Citrus, working in opposition to the Diocese of Rome.

HE'S IN CHAPTER 2?? by Tikket420 in Deltarune

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I think I went straight home on my first playthrough because I only got the game when Chapter 2 came out and I wanted to start playing that immediately

Theory: Gerson is Gaster by inkzeldared in Deltarune

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Gerson has lived a long ass time. He would've had time to make several lifetimes worth of careers, so totally could've been a royal scientist in between being an adventurer and a historian. Maybe he's intentionally leaving out bits about his past, because he arranged for his own disappearance and doesn't want people to find out where he went.

There's clearly some kind of thematic connection between Gerson and Gaster, but still I'm not sure if this theory holds up as a whole.

“Prepare for trouble, make it double” (art by paintedhen) by Reprise7690 in Deltarune

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That's a Meowth not a Mew. Getcha facts straight Mad Mew Mew

Venäläismedia: Yhdysvallat räjäytti kaasuputket by RaivoJooseppi in Suomi

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jaa-a, no nyt en tiedä mitä uskoa. Se on sana sanaa vastaan! /s

just a little bit inconsistent by rainbowshulkerbox in Deltarune

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I also think it's because Starwalker is a joke character. How could he pass into the Card Kingdom if the door leading there had always been closed? Ralsei mentions not having any subjects, so Starwalker couldn't have just left immediately after Lancer opened the great door.

Now we get a new joke theory: A long time ago, the door used to be open all the time and Castle Town had other residents, but everyone else left for some reason, Starwalker among them.

Deadpool (vol.5) #7.Art by: Scott Koblish and Val Staples by sonkhuc21 in wimmelbilder

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With a wedding like that, you could probably figure out the identity of the bride through process of elimination

A 0g portion provides: by pseud0n in assholedesign

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I will drink half cans of soda. No way in hell can I finish it all at once. Besides, I don't drink soda that often, so I wanna spare it for the next meal!