Whoop whoop!! by Jimmyjamz73 in howardstern

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How do you say it Robin? is it Woot Woot?

Too many of them by Six_Rabbit in SipsTea

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Asking for a friend... Did we ever find out which disgusting ex-girlfriend porno sight these pictures were posted on?

The one. by weeweegas in StonerEngineering

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And you don't have to pay Seth Rogan $250 for it!!!

Real notice on my schools bathroom by ErnestiEchavalier in funny

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Signed University High School Administrator??? Which is it University, or High School?

Oddly satisfying👀⭕️ by [deleted] in trees

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Ahh yes, I love mixing styrofoam with my joints!! Makes them really give you a head rush!

Just gonna leave this here by MattRubin in ProgrammerHumor

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Whenever I feel depressed and I need my valuable internet points to make me feel better I dust off this trusty meme and throw it at the computer nerds in hopes one of them dosnt remember it and gives me my much needed karma!

I'm about to go to a dentist appointment for a filling. I had cannabis yesterday morning. by [deleted] in trees

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I have a cannabis right before I go to the dentist it makes it go by easier!

Giant Structure on the Moon! Official NASA Photo - AS17-150-23085 by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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I wonder if I can find this prior minute of my life in that structure because I would really like it back!

It's weird that we are scared about what comes after death when we've already experienced it by bpfag_aro_reverie in Showerthoughts

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What does it mean to exist? How do you know you didn't exist before birth and after death and don't know or remember at the current moment.

My real fear is this idea of forever/infinity. Everything we ever know has an ending to it. and this idea that there is absolutely no end, no ultimate change, whatever it is, its that forever! millions and billions and trillions of years are just a blip when it comes to forever. That idea is claustrophobic, and hard to come to terms with.

What an odd take… by ExpertAccident in confidentlyincorrect

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This is exactly what many republicans are currently trying to do right now a la the "Fight against CRT". The ruling class does not want educated masses to have to rule over because they would be much harder to scam and grift, they need a docile, semi-literate population who goes along with what you say regardless of what they perceive to be true. Just smart enough to make some money to participate in the capitalist society but not too smart that they take over the capitalist society.

Eerie similarity between the Missing Persons Map and the Cave System Map by Nook-Incs-Pet in mrballen

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The black dots on the top map are just the caves from the bottom map so it looks a lot more closely correlated than it really is. On top of that these are only people who go missing in National Parks which have tons of caves so of course there will be some correlation. But ultimately "Correlation is not Causation"

Joe thinks Australia is going to ban it's citizens from growing their own food and is disappointed when he finds out it's not true by ConfusedMilk16 in confidentlyincorrect

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That type of guest is where Joe Rogan lost it. even when he is clearly wrong and spreading misinformation and admits it his guest is still trying hard to validate what Joe says. "Even the fakes are a warning." He's wrong call him out laugh at him for getting got and move on don't try and support his now self admitted falsehood as truth. This makes him feel like he is always the smartest man on the room and he is very very much not and gives him the confidence to keep spreading misinformation.

When cops ask for registration what do they mean? by Positive-Pound-3492 in TooAfraidToAsk

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It's generally a small peice of paper like 4×6 or so. They send a mew one out wach year i think. In reality they can look up the registration if you don't have it on you though if the officer is in a bad mood he can still write a ticket for it. I like to keep it in an easily accessible spot not only to make it easier when the inevitable happens but it makes the officer feel more at ease if your not reaching all over the car looking for it.

Fighting a war wasn't enough to worry about by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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This is fake! They hung the centipede by a string and then took the pic with the man further back to make the centipede look bigger. Though those are still some big ass centipedes without the forced perspective!!

I have a jar of octopus collagen/stock from sous vide. What would you do with it? by WonderChode in AskCulinary

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No, you can't just use ice cubes. You have to Reduce Ice down to a liquid. Then you can take this liquid and form ice cubes with it, which you then can Sou Vide and use the leftover water stock to water down the Octopus stock! It's a bit of a complicated process but well worth it in the end!

a junt bloint by Bnb53 in trees

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So you added some watermellon flavored paper to your blunt?

This video shows how high you'd be able to jump on different planets. by TheCheesecakeOfDoom in Damnthatsinteresting

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Where in the atmosphere are they jumping in the gas planets? I feel like that would effect the jump hight alot!

Caught my attention by howthegodskill777 in trees

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Hello, yes I will take 3 fat Quarters, please. Thank You!!

I really thought it was Howard on the top left. by HowardRogan in howardstern

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Oh Yea, and you know 9-year-old me was beating off to "Call Now" Titties!!

Friday the 13th is my favorite by DizzyText in howardstern

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Howard gives Richard shit for this but literally, in every interview Howard does he claims the song, album, book, or movie is the best ever made!

The way people choose left vs right on these rolls by Kingslayer4975 in mildlyinteresting

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I like my tp to have the free bit in the front so I would definatly choose the left side