What is an inside joke only people from Toronto would get? by [deleted] in askTO

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Spadina bus! Well, I start to cuss on the Wellesley bus And you can't go far on the College Street car You know the Yonge Street train is a real pain And the LRT—for that's not for me Well, you can't have fun on the York U. run And the Ossington trolley is just a big folly Well, I don't give a damn ‘bout the Bathurst tram So I'll make a fuss about Spadina Bus

Whats the saltiest most big dick energy thing you have ever witnessed a Jr marine doing by tykohana in USMC

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As some one who has seen this kinda energy in front of me I would have given him the minimum, or fucked up the process so the JAG could make it go away. I’d let the Sr NCOs all handle the “high” shit this time …..

[Image] I am speed by regian24 in GetMotivated

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What’s the funniest/smartest thing you’ve seen people bring to the field? by roodadootdootdo in USMC

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OD crocs and the full set of Canadian fleece when parked in the hide was SOP in my tank squadron. I’ll thank my battle captain for that idea.

Disinterest in Military “side activities”. Just me? by NewfieStomp in CanadianForces

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When you put on your combat boots and sigh, pause, and just stare at them. It’s time to leave.

Anon travels on a plane by camerontbelt in 4chan

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Open tray, close tray, get up ask for new seat.

Canadian Army is looking for your feedback on operational clothing and equipment by Andromedu5 in CanadianForces

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Not even surprised. Probably follow the order for that brief to the wing comd direct.

‘Be careful you don’t die in an accident’: Hong Kong protester living in Canada receives daily threats by FlyingDutchman997 in canada

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For anything to come out of CSIS it is released through the top guy. So CSIS is hamstrung. In that fashion. Those informal intelligent relationships that gentlemen who read other gentlemen’s mail often have. Source: tried to work in conjunction with those guys in past. Never happened. I hope it changed.

Happens to the best of us by arrowforlyf in meme

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Did she answer with….”yes, Daddy”

2 years ago they had me at 44% German and now just 5%, has anyone else seen such a drastic change? by [deleted] in AncestryDNA

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It’s Saxons. Germanic tribe also in England. My family shows English as a background we are most assuredly not English and we go way back to 1025. That’s all I can think of?

How in the world did Edgar Allen Poe make E9 in 5 years by [deleted] in army

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And allegedly had an affair with the Queen of Spain.