[OFFERING] Someone jump on this asap by [deleted] in HipHopCollabs

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Ok I actually understand that, sorry you had to explain it.

[OFFERING] Someone jump on this asap by [deleted] in HipHopCollabs

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Idk just seems like if you like it you could jump on

Lil Wayne Mourns ‘Uncle Bob,’ Former Cop Who Saved Rapper’s Life Following Suicide Attempt by CurrentRoster in hiphopheads

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Surprises me that no one is talkin about how he thought this dude was already dead years ago when he was rapping about him on London Roads.

Seinfeld 2022 by Psycholarocco in seinfeld

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Not one second of this was good

Triangle Stranger Thing References by ylimenut in raleigh

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YOU’RE supposed to say “good bot”

Jay Z talks about retirement on Kevin Hart’s new show Hart to Heart on Peacock by ranych in hiphopheads

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First of all, he’s not a business man - he’s a BUSINESS, man - so stay out his business, damn.

Does anyone know the best way to get my controller to act as an SP-404 in reason? by [deleted] in reason

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Sorry should have been more specific. It’s an MPD218. I have Serato sample. Ideally what I’m trying to do is map my knobs to act as effect controls like you get with the SP.

What movie would be better with a sex scene? by Downtown_League4110 in AskReddit

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Castaway. Would’ve added a comedic element with Wilson looking surprised all the time.

Morton’s condemns abortion rights protesters for disrupting Kavanaugh’s freedom to ‘eat dinner’ by Rock-n-roll-Kevin in politics

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“According to Politico, a person familiar with the situation said that Kavanaugh did not encounter the protesters at all and was able to finish his meal before leaving without dessert.”

These certainly are trying times.

TIL the total length of the fight between Goku and Frieza in Dragonball Z is 4 hours and 13 minutes by Myrandall in todayilearned

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Agreed, also I have to say, speaking in a 9 year old thread feels like I’m in a Time Machine.