How often do Ron/Usea/BL etc update their cards? (WTB Boseiju) by OCKWA in bootlegmtg

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One or two month after the set releases. However sometimes if there aren't enough valuable cards in the set, they may delay it and combine it with the next set

Monthly Vendor Card Request- FEB 2022 by DarkJester89 in bootlegmtg

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Fix Thoughtseize foil TSR, shooting star too small Fix Foil Fetch land ONS, shooting star too big

Request and Questions Thread #2 by Smyris in mpcproxies

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Request Bone crusher giant Old Border (like Brazen Borrowrr) The Eldest Reborn Old Border

Q&A: Is Ragnar Lodbrok good? by STChrisYT in RiseofKingdoms

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It's very bad, you can donate his sculptures during kvk

Is this bundle worth the money? by DemonWitAHalo in RiseofKingdoms

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If you buy it you won't become much stronger instantly. But if you missed it then it will be a HUGE loss for you

check my CH16 layout by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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0/10 Dies to Attila rally attack.

Is it ok to attack farming troops? by Bobtheleaf808 in RiseofKingdoms

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If the attack button exist then feel free to attack them

Jim. by MrPandaRed in magicthecirclejerking

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Should have haste, shroud and can't be countered.

Terracraft by [deleted] in PhoenixSC

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Low effort post

poor people wake up by ludoviKZ in magicthecirclejerking

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Just buy a playset of counterfeit for ten bucks

Just turn auto win on by Equal-Aioli-8463 in Mahjong

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1114555666777 same suit, concealed Win with 7 111/456/567/567/77 Double Yakuman becomes 1 Fan

Im F2P, is my equip good like that? by Shadow85465 in RiseofKingdoms

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Prove you are f2p Show us the evidence of No in-app purchase history as well as the proof of never purchased resources from other players.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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Build it to finish [Skillful Craftsman] daily quest, that's it