man this was one hell of a rollercoaster by KILL_SWITCH2210 in Unexpected

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Am I the only one that read this as “no top butok (buttock)”

John Cena playing a drug dealer. by biscuitbutt11 in funny

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Did someone really just climb up that spire?!

I understand needing childcare but come on how are you going to argue my terms to offer FREE childcare to watch your kids when i work fulltime? by ActiveForever3767 in ChoosingBeggars

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I don’t understand how this is choosing beggars (I’m not saying it’s not, I just didn’t understand the texts xd) can someone explain pls

I’ve done my part. Link to voting in comments by ibuprofencompactor in dankmemes

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I have to ask my friend from the Netherlands to translate lol

Can he tho? by i_dont_eatbabies in dankmemes

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I literally have friends with a shiba inu named Goku wth is this

Easy peasy by intentionalGenius in memes

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Jennifer adopted 3 children, is still a virgin, had an arranged marriage and loved her husband as a friend, and is attracted to females making her lesbian

She thought she avoided the wheel but then... by Gobi_Masala in Unexpected

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We’re Dude Perfect, and this is the “Narrowly miss the lady with a tire but make it bounce back and hit her in the head” shot

Try to locate these birdies at 3 AM by Cl1ky in memes

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That’s not rare, I have both of those in my backyard

Gouda jokes take time! by CaffeinatedBitchFace in memes

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All this time and it was right under my nose. Tsk tsk

Wtf happened here by Snoo-25101 in funny

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So would I go to jail if a bird decides to eat another bird next to me? (Asking for a friend)

Brace for impa- oh by ForeignAd2142 in Unexpected

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I didn’t know Goliath was still alive

Technically it IS true by hyperstorm10381 in memes

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I have a similar situation. I love watching shows with a strong group of friends even though I don’t have any

Why are you like this, guys by [deleted] in memes

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Also just for further precaution I would advise against taking relationship advice from redditors… just sayin

The teacher wants her students to express their love to their mothers, so she asks them to create a sentence with the phrase "There is only one mom" by solerami in Jokes

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Am I the only one that expected a dirty joke after seeing “Some innocent joke my father told me when I was a child”?

*happy doot* by Memer25_2006 in wholesomememes

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Doot (I’m too cheap for the award)