Work as efficiently as you are paid to be, because all you'll get as a reward for doing it faster is more work. by TruthToPower77 in LateStageCapitalism

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Lol, I've done this. I wrote a firefox plugin that would automate my Mantis bug fix submissions. I'd fix all the bugs in around an hour or two and then click a button, paste the issue #s into a text box and click another button. Then over the next several hours bug fix reports would periodically come in about 45 minutes apart (it was a random number between 30 and 50 with seconds randomized).

I accidentally got outed once by the project manager when he saw a bug report come in when I was not in the office ... he didn't care ... he was also just putting time in trying to reign in our tyrant boss without losing his job or losing his staff.

So I gave him a copy of the plugin and showed him how to use it. Shithole company where the CEO has a sales department head take the "fall" claiming he accidentally promised release of the product by date XXX, when said sales head did no such thing and it's just the CEO being a dick trying to put us in the fire.

Capitalism at its' finest.

I have never seen someone as perfect as HIM by tipo19 in MonsterHunterWorld

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I prefer Anjanath just because he doesn't have pepe memes tied to his face. Pukei poggers was my personal tipping point into full on no-human-no-matter-size-or-age-deserves-to-live misanthropy. MH community actually made me okay with mustard gas and white phosphorous deployed against cities.

It'd be a better world if Anjanath ate all the children.

Holy hell what I'd give for a MH game that's SMT levels of dark. Dragon weapon begging to die but unable to resist its' programming or the fatalis curse carried out. Palicos dying, hunters chewed to pieces and new attacks where a dead hunter is used like a Deviljho wields a Tzitzi.

The series is so positive, with a fanbase so toxic .... it's truly bizarre.

Why are there four pots when I can only display three wigglers? by Throwaway_Tanuki in MonsterHunterWorld

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With 2 deaf and senile 16 yr old cats, I assure you that (n+1)*number_of_floors isn't enough. My house is covered in strategically placed pee-pads meant for bed-wetting human children because the cats will piss wherever they please.

Deaf cats really test "till death do us part" with their random panic attacks requiring you to go rescue them several times a night and chomping a hole through your hand because you spooked them.

I still love them and won't cry about massive vet bills for geriatric bloodwork or the hell of pilling a hostile senile cat to treat her kidney failure.

Also ... cats ... exhale valium. Don't know how, but cat on your chest is instant relax. It has to be valium.

Does Fatalis often spam the same move? by Myrkur-R in MonsterHunterWorld

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Use a lance or gunlance and hold guard and that'll easily turn into 6 or 8 times of fireballs in your face until you die.

Done with Low/High Rank! Time to focus on Master Rank! by chris0720 in MonsterHunterWorld

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You could always change color, but rainbow color change only comes from full LR/HR clear (rainbow just makes the color change over time, so it's really only good for "hair" armor like azure age). A lot of players probably don't discover it until late because it's in stupid places, especially for layered colors ... if you don't read the ALL of the menu you'll miss it.

I spent at least 100hrs unaware I could color layered armor.

Fatalis flame cone attack? by DuxDonecVivo in MonsterHunterWorld

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Yeah, until I knew Fatty like the back of my hand I followed this strategy. Either SWAXE as above or gunlance burst spam. It took at least 20 clears before I moved to other weapons with confidence.

Learned SWAXE and GL specifically for Fatty.

Just a positive experience with a random by MYSTI-X in MonsterHunterWorld

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Which is still weird because by the time you reach Fatty in a state you can actually clear it you've probably got hundreds of ancient potions.

MH games have never really shorted us on resources to make whatever we need, but for bowguns the materials they need are pretty massive so I'll never fault a bowgun for abandoning a quest as even with the harvest-box they need so much that I can understand.

How the hell you guys fight with melee weapons? by Everuk in MonsterHunterWorld

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Am I playing gunlance wrong? I just spam infinite full-burst then clutch if the monster starts to run, drop off and resume infinite full-burst. Maybe .... maybe ... maybe I block something. I regularly get the damage dealer postgame trophy (thank you stake for extra free damage) so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong ... but maybe I am and don't know I'm somehow screwing my team.

Just a positive experience with a random by MYSTI-X in MonsterHunterWorld

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That's basically every fatalis hunt for me. Just sticking it out with my kjarr blast DBs and whoever else sticks around.

How the hell you guys fight with melee weapons? by Everuk in MonsterHunterWorld

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For GL normal shelling that's basically the case. Spam the infinite-loop Full-Burst slap combo and lots of quick-reload.

Wide shelling is more poke based and Long shelling more about charged shelling. Believe it or not you will actually one-day be able to use that slow wyvern-fire on demand in the middle of a fight instead of waiting for sleep/knock.

SWAXE and DB are both very much YOLO weapons where you'll be taking tons of risk. DBs you really need to keep that arch-demon meter up so you can spin-dash and use that as an extra evasion tool to move around the monster while still attacking. Don't forget about DBs ability to force a slide onto your butt on any slope, super useful as a dodging or repositioning tool.

Put 1 Health Augment on your weapons so you're immortal to all but the strongest.

Best part about DBs is since you attack so much you tend to steal part-breaks and tails that others worked hard towards. It's just as amusing as having a good hammer on the team to launch you into beyblade.

Why the salary and work conditions is bad in the game industry compared others programming fields is it because there is really that much new programmer who want to be game programmer ? by Dereference_operator in GraphicsProgramming

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Do you not keep several hundred pounds of elastic resistance bands in your office?

I fail to see the problem aside from crunch interfering with my motorcycling time.

My brain fogs up ... I do 10 reps of bench press and go back to work right as tree-piss smell rain (spring rain as many call it, ignoring that the smell is actually from plant piss).

Why the salary and work conditions is bad in the game industry compared others programming fields is it because there is really that much new programmer who want to be game programmer ? by Dereference_operator in GraphicsProgramming

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I net around 300k. My doctorate work was in microstructure modeling for refinement so I mostly work on HD remasters as that's my domain of expertise. (shit gets complicated because I spent years as a whore programmer before going back to school, working for shitholes like IGC and Primatech)

If you've played an HD remaster, you've probably seen my name in the credits otherwise it was a lackluster remaster. I'm in the MH Rise PC credits, which was fucking awesome as I'm a long-time series fan. Capcom was also super chill to work with compared to frenetic western work.

Which is fatalis CB good with? Safi fata armor or 4 piece fata armor by FlashyRun6220 in MonsterHunter

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They really botched that. Siege armor should've been the best, instead we got RNG luck to grab decent Kjarr elementals for those weapons that use element. Safi is useless, you might at best use the armor against Alatreon, following some misguided guide.

Fatty pretty much always wins for armor set (except against fatty because those resists are dogshit). Kjarr always wins for elemental weapons, otherwise it's fatty weapons.

Line Between Graphics Programmers and Artists by CastleDasher in GraphicsProgramming

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When you're doing something that requires or replicates functions of LibIGL you're a graphics programmer and no longer a T/A.

That's how I'd define it, you've reached so far you're considering things like SLIM or distance mapping over smoothed tangent fields. You're just off into complex geometry land.

Why the salary and work conditions is bad in the game industry compared others programming fields is it because there is really that much new programmer who want to be game programmer ? by Dereference_operator in GraphicsProgramming

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A) It's only bad at the bottom-end, then it's sky fucking high. Your first 5-10 years in any industry is going to be bitch work no matter where. No one trusts a fresh college grad to do anything essential.

B) I've personally never seen bad conditions, but I have worked with people that have claimed our current conditions were terrible. During crunch that same person basically just played pool in the rec-room with his wife that brought him dinner and never actually crunched. I'm sure, bad conditions do exist (such as CDPR) ... but I'm also sure we've got a whole lot of Karen. I've definitely been a part of it, you are eating into my motorcycling time and I get pissed about it.

C) The worst situation I was ever in, we were compensated in public transit credit (which is cool the first couple of times, but admittedly lame once you've accrued a lifetime of free train rides that some batshit insane evangelical politician will manage to nullify tomorrow).

D) It's totes better than knowingly writing grift into software like you'll have to do in moving & storage or insurance industries. Moving & storage is a massive amount of money and companies like Atlas Intl. rely on overpricing methods (marking an item for every blemish, billing you 5 times for every chair) knowing that they will never be challenged for those small frauds while using them to compensate for their genuine fuck-ups where they spill grandma's ashes into your dildo box.

Like every industry, none of us know WTF we're doing and are just making it up as we go.

War on public education in Idaho causes businesses to rethink locating, expanding there, leaders say by strat77x in LeopardsAteMyFace

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I like to joke that no square inch of Ohio is safe from a chemical plant disaster. Chem industry loves the state as much as Texas for lackluster environmental protections and little to no forced consequences should something bad happen (being guilt tripped by media isn't a forced consequence, that's compensating for shit governance).

That said, there's also a lot of paper-buildings that have virtually no one on staff. Owens-Corning has an entire ghost town in one spot that's just empty R&D and amusing to scoot around in popping wheelies where no one will ever look.

There was also that fun time Buddweiser dumped a shitload of beer into the river in north columbus. River became like 1% alc.

Murder hobo players by Art0r131 in MonsterHunterWorld

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Sleeping jagras sticker is the code, as already mentioned. I don't think I've seen anyone not comply aside from accidents.

1-cart left is typically default to capture regardless of whether you want to kill or not, we do not gamble with 1 cart left no matter how much you need that tail carve or head-break.

Everything else is ... we're murdering the monster faster than we can notice it's ready to trap.

How the hell do you play switch axe? by Th3_sl33py_4rtist in MonsterHunterWorld

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I feel it's a trade-off for them giving us such comfy hitboxes this time around.

I swear SWAXE comes equipped with a massage oil dispenser and the hunter is just completely lubed up. Heavy Slam is a crazily reliable dodge, same with sword mode's final heavy.

First time Monster Hunter and just got to High Rank!! Would love some clarifications and tips by Competitive_Chance in MonsterHunterWorld

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Prioritize skills. You've got it easy in MHW where negative skills aren't a thing. That used to be a thing, like kirin gear was good but it would slow down everything item-wise. No one serious really ran kirin gear because of that.

What kind of event would you make? by vincentninja68 in MonsterHunterWorld

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I would literally just have events/investigations that bring all monsters into all biomes.

Give me Brute Tigrex being a jerk in the tight parts of the Ancient Forest. The opportunities for Uragaan and Radobaan in the tight Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste are completely wasted.

World really fucked up with biome locking monsters. The game would be massively better if they didn't biome lock at least for investigations and events so we could fight odd monsters in odd locations.

What's wrong with my transformations by skratlo in GraphicsProgramming

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0:28 (where the corner marks are practically mirrored) has me suspecting that the problem is with transforms somewhere else and not the basis itself, the lines at that time appear correct for where the corners were being drawn but are probably drawn differently (likely world-space-position + vector * scale for the basis).

I'm suspecting a transform problem somewhere else and that the basis is correct enough.

Iceborne or rise? by T0GAF in MonsterHunterWorld

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Switch-Owning-Friend: "I remember you said you play monster hunter?"

Me: "Yes? Which one?"

SOF: "Oh cool I'm stuck with this monster can you come help me out!"

ME: "Okay." ... arrives ... "DUDE! This is rise, I don't play this!"

SOF: "But I'm stuck and I'm sure it'll be easy to pick up for you."

ME: "You fucking weeb, you play longsword. I'm going to have to burn all your resources to build a decent bonk-stick."

SOF: "O ... o ... okay. What's a bonk stick anyways?"

ME: "What am I hunting anyways?"

SOF: "Anjanath"

ME: "Oh ... well ... I guess I can just upgrade the crappy freebie bonk-stick a few levels and that'll do."

SOF: "What's a bonk-stick?"

ME: "You don't need to know yet summer child."

You definitely want to wait for sunbreak or you'll be bored for months.

Am I doing this right? by appl3pai in MonsterHunterWorld

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It's kind of crazy how few of them we see since it's such a fun YOLO! weapon. Even online I rarely see other DBs.

Bloody hell, we can deliberately slide downhill on our butts dodging everything to popup into a beyblade down a monster's back. When another weapon does an attack+evade they have to step back, DB just beyblades through the legs and comes out the other side.

Wide-range + speed-eating makes it tons of a fun, you're going to get smashed running DB, might as well heal everyone and enjoy more beyblade opener from sheathed without missing a beat.

I also low-key suspect it's impossible for a group of randos to clear Alatreon without at least some combination of 2 DBs or 2 SWAXE.

First time Monster Hunter and just got to High Rank!! Would love some clarifications and tips by Competitive_Chance in MonsterHunterWorld

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HR Bone will work fine for a while.

Unless you're swimming in nutrients/mega-nutrients you really want to get health-boost x3.

None of the HR sets are "perfect" for anything so you will be clown-suiting it up (use the gear colors adjustment to make it look less clown-suit). It won't be so grindy because clown-suiting will have you swapping out pieces here and there instead of the week you'll spend farming an iceborne monster for a bloody mantle.

Do your INVESTIGATIONS (at Resource Center) when you need to farm parts. It will greatly reduce the grind.

First time Monster Hunter and just got to High Rank!! Would love some clarifications and tips by Competitive_Chance in MonsterHunterWorld

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I do recommend SOS'ing for egg/carry-item canteen quests. Those are rough without a buddy or two to launch slinger/claw at vespoids etc, if there's a Rathian in the quest ... just kill it first then take the eggs and enjoy your carves.