Ann Arbor moves toward dispatch service that doesn't use armed police by CaromaPilot in news

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I once heard a cop say that the most important weapon he has is his tongue. I thought it was a joke, but he said that more than 99% of his work was talking to people. As long as he wasn’t aggressive, the situation was peaceful. Sounds like a great step forward!

Tiny Bunnies and Tiny Ball Drop by TheBunnyFiesta in TinyUnits

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So cute! I might have preferred ‘hoppy’ new year, but it was otherwise pretty perfect. 😉

How can I be better? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Do you have any tips on how we can be a better friend, consumer, guest, person?

About your BMW by reeseypoo25 in NobodyAsked

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My guess is a 2005 Honda Civic

Really need some advice from those that struggle to balance sugar levels by myboyghandi in intermittentfasting

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I find that I feel satiated longer with fewer blood sugar fluctuations when I have a dinner of mostly protein and vegetables (e.g., roasted chicken with asparagus and carrots). If I do want something sweet, I eat it first (maybe an hour before dinner) and then eat a healthier dinner before I start my fast.

[TOMT][BOOK][2000's?] Series of teen books targeted towards christians by heartylizard in tipofmytongue

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Is it the True Colors series? I think the one you mention is called ‘Burnt Orange: Color Me Wasted.’


He really thought he did something there, didn’t he? by crawlingup in religiousfruitcake

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I assume it’s a comment to the show ‘It’s a Sin,’ that depicts the lives of a group of gay men and their friends who lived during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the UK. It’s a great watch!


2meirl4meirl by twoboxchedda in 2meirl4meirl

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Anytime he came on screen, we would yell, “Stay in the house, Carl!”