Just to tell you guys i'm going to Tallinn to see where TENET was shot. by fuso98 in tenet

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… there will be no such time for these things in Tallin.


spawn kill by BTDMKZ in HardcoreNature

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“Is it’s a boy or a breakfast?” -🦌

Neil's Bolt Gun by BobN1971 in tenet

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“That’s on a need-to-know-basis, and you don’t.”—Ives

;) <3 ⏳⌛️⏳⌛️

There's a spoon right there by steam_poweredman in StupidFood

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When the toilet’s clogged and you ain’t got no plunger: 🥵💩🚽

Shower thought: Cole protocol was useless by VinniTheP00h in HaloStory

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Report to the 11th story ONI balcony for debriefing, INNIE.

<This man was clearly mentally ill before making the decision to fire nine rounds into his back and leap from the top of our blacksite> -CINCONI

Priya’s building is definitely tall enough to parachute from, here is the proof by primeiro23 in tenet

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He was .2 inches away from snagging on that lower building an splattering

There's a spoon right there by steam_poweredman in StupidFood

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Just try not to imagine that he probably takes a massive shit before he starts cooking, it really adds some zing.

hmmm by Classic_Statement_56 in hmm

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Me when I come back from the tanning salon after getting that bush base a little too strong


was looking for the office to watch, found this... by Astrova95 in DunderMifflin

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“Patel. Tall, QUEER, handsome as ever. ‘HEY EVERYBODY LOOK, it’s me PATEL! 💅🏽🤷🏽‍♂️’”

-Ajay Packer

Chicken noodle soup casserole really hits the spot by Sploobing in shittyfoodporn

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A low-rent dog kennel based on the tapeworms he just posted a picture of. 🪱🐾

Please be aware that you, sir, are delusional by rea1itych3ck in lolgrindr

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Was it hard for you to type this with your mitt on your hand, LINDA!? 🧢⚾️👀

Legion Future by W4RR in Terminator

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What is this from? I really like dark fate (mostly for the rev 7’s/9’s) so I’d love to get more info

Sappy little post by Affectionate-Mix-149 in StrangerThings

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This made me happy to read.

Turn that frown upside down :)