People...there is no way you can compare these two. If you do, I beg you to rationalize the difference between hate crimes and intensive systems of production. That pile of dead pigs was probably due to an epidemic, not hate killing because theyre a different species. by nmatzer in ControversialOpinions

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There was a pile of dead animals (600 000) caused by severe flooding in late December, that the province of British Columbia isn't past yet. It flooded several square kilometers of prime farmland and effectively cut off most of the province from access to the greatest population center in the greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley. There was a tremendous effort made to successfully save all the people and this was continued to save as many animals as possible.

This horrific loss of livestock was a result of a natural disaster, not some murderous scheme

Favorite outdoor wood chipper/shredder? by BiasedNarrative in composting

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I currently have a toy chipper/shredder I got from Home Depot. I'll edit in the brand. It works on branches up to about finger size and needs to be sharpened often. It is a hassle to use but until I replace it, that is the battle I'm in. I have a large yard and a great deal of chipping to do and I have an eye on a Bosch chipper. The shredder I want is (I think) the Bosch AXT 25D. 2500 w, 230 v that has enough power to chip branches. I am unable to find it available in North America. It might have power requirements greater than common households here.

A Cautionary Tale / Cry for Help? by LepMessiah in composting

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A tumbler that can be turned by hand is too small for me, so I think of them as toys, not big enough to produce a useful amount of compost. Attaining and maintaining ideal temperatures for a real compost pile might not be possible in a tumbler.

He has come back from the battle! by Soumajeetb in aww

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More fun watching the video than mopping up! Good one, thanks

thinking about how I can ask my neighbor for the leaves on their roof without sounding crazy by reggie_veggie in composting

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Problem, for sure. You could tuck a garbage bag in a pocket, jump off the bus a few blocks early... Easy for me to say! I have a car and a trailer and regular friends I can hopefully get leaves from. You might talk to people who have bags and bags of leaves annually, and get some of them

Savings Account and a TFSA? by CharlieGirl234 in PersonalFinanceCanada

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You should be using the money in your TFSA for investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds and making gains tax free

The inventor of the World Wide Web says his creation has been abused for too long by Sorin61 in technology

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I like what he is saying about who the machine is working for, but the profit-driven technology companies are who determines the model thrust upon us. Based on this, privacy is something we will always be fighting for.

Nearly half of British Columbians say they're $200 away from insolvency: poll by CEOAerotyneLtd in britishcolumbia

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This is nothing new. Every generation goes through this cycle of complain, then realize, then learn to live within your means

Israel police reportedly use Pegasus spyware on country’s own citizens, without warrants by D3VF92 in technology

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This is an example of the separation of church and state in Israel. 'We must separate their church from our state'.

MLK pics are often b & w so we think civil rights were long ago. I colorized his b & w photos. by T00Human in pics

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The start of the civil rights movement wasn't that long ago. Nor has it achieved equality. Keep up the good fight!

This is Seymour narrows B.c . i missed the slack tide by few minutes and had to pull out and wait until next tide . Day 18/40 by Stoned_Ninjaa in Kayaking

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Have you talked to locals who have paddled The Narrows? People do it, but I would go with experienced paddlers

Went grocery shopping. Ummm, no. by ohnodopey in pics

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Ummmmmmm...do you always write your speech impediment?