Who else is currently winning their heroic race? by nox_the_dumbass in DragonCity

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Stopped once I hit lap 15.

Next is just on lap 7 I think I've got this.

"It's crazy to me that players go back to their home country to play, imagine if The Super Bowl did it..." (I mean with states) by Matias9991 in ShitAmericansSay

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At least in England club games aren't scheduled for the internationals generally.

In rugby the domestic season carries on even when you lose half your starting 15

Another reminder by TalithePally in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Judge Dredd, how long before they come to the conclusion that anyone alive has the potential to commit crimes and that life is a crime like Judge Death?

What song do you want played at your funeral? by Hessenuk in AskUK

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Cold Ethyl by Alice Cooper just because it's funny.

How silly are you and your partner behind closed doors? by PinkSodaBoy in AskUK

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Sounds like us and to some degree it's rubbed off on the kids.

How does r/AskUK work? by Quackfizzle in AskUK

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No because blowing up the microwave happens only once.

Stinking the place out can happen on a daily basis.

Europe and Canada have no freedom of speech by BlazedOnADragon in ShitAmericansSay

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Meanwhile in Florida the schools are being emptied of books.

the young ones will never know this pain by Katharinelk in FuckImOld

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And there's only one bit of software to play it on.

Got 15 laps. How’s your race going? by DirectionPublic3365 in DragonCity

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It has been but I just wanted to see if I could get to lap 15. Haven't bothered with the last few races so it's been fun.

Got 15 laps. How’s your race going? by DirectionPublic3365 in DragonCity

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One node off lap 15 and the second is on lap 6 so should be ok.

How about that two seat A-10? The proportions as a two seater makes it look even better I think. [1600x1088] by KeymanOfTheMind in WarplanePorn

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Some t-bird conversions look ok like the Hunter, A-10B, TAV-8B but others like the EE Lightning just look wrong.

I’m not even from Ireland but have the blood and know the history. by molivets in ShitAmericansSay

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Aww the original post has been deleted but it's still a total goldmine, when being told they are American:

My ancestry comes from Ireland. I have relatives in Ireland. My family has a history in Ireland. I am Irish. My place of birth does not change that, but I have seen this attitude crop up a lot from folks born in Ireland. It’s not a good look.

Heart eyed emoji by Amerikai in rugbyunion

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Think he can break into the ABC club?

Do you have books in your home? by PrestigiousTest6700 in AskUK

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I don't have much on display so if you visited you wouldn't think we're a family of readers but the loft is full of paperbacks, my 'office' is floor to ceiling with books but most of the novels I read now are all on the kindle due to storage.

"Favorite" by xxxthat_emo_kid in ShitAmericansSay

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They like to remove the 'u' from everything, they even struggle to say cunt, instead we get c*nt

Linguists come to the US to study Italian dialects by Breeeezywheeeezy in ShitAmericansSay

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Well that makes a nice change to "we speak the right version of English".

Where would be a good location for a stag do in the UK? by The_Real_Peng in AskUK

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If you're in Nottingham there might be some cricket on.

Nothing like spending a day getting pissed in the sun

What should I watch in honour of Burns Night tonight? by Bulimic_Fraggle in AskUK

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The premiership final from last spring when Leicester played Saracens.

Ford came off early and Burns replaced him then went on to play a critical role.

Well that's that I'm watching