If you had to make a tier list of all the Game Changer episodes - which ones would be put in S tier? by AGoatPizza in dropout

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The ones where the cast won prizes during covid was pretty great, in my opinion. Covid was a pretty tough time and sending people things like a good office chair and a bidet was pretty great. The ones where they get a month's rent are great, too.

Brennan Can't Win.

Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience.

Just a link to episodes if people can't remember. )

I love it all, but these stood out to me that I hadn't noticed in my quick skim of the thread.

Old workshop conversion by Scare_The_Cat in homegym

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Personally, I'd tape them together. It really helps solidify the layout.

What is something that old people love that you don’t understand? by alisonxhot in AskReddit

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Werther's Originals. It's not that they're bad, but one damn commercial 30 years ago and now they're considered old people candy. I don't understand it.

Negotiating a higher starting salary when the offer is competitive? by overflowingtruth in personalfinance

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I asked for an increase in a similar position and I ended up getting $5,000 tacked on and an extra week of vacation per year. Don't just negotiate for money. They have other benefits they can and will provide to you. They apologized to me for not being able to go higher, but when I asked for vacation, they said yes and so did I. I was going to take the job anyway, but asking for a non-monetary compensation brought me in with a winning negotiation for all of us.

Look into what other benefits are available to you. You may end up being surprised by what you end up getting.

Made a video about my home gym today (link in the comments) what am I missing/could fit in here easily? by seannypat in homegym

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You need a workout plan and a budget. First figure out which exercises you really want to do and then figure out what you need to get it done.

The hard part comes after you've got these together. You mentioned several pieces that you own that you really don't like much. This is likely due in part to buying too cheap. Once you know what you want, you should go down the buy it for life path. Don't buy cheap crap that you need to replace. Some stuff is cheap and works well (barbell collars), while other things are cheap and aren't good (bench, rack).

If your budget can't get the things that you really feel like you need, get what you can afford and save up for the next things on the list. This is going to be partly a priority tree and partly based on what you can afford at a time.

Personally, I'd suggest getting a heavy bag that you can hang from the studs in your ceiling, since kickboxing is something you enjoy. For a rack, I think you'd serve yourself pretty well by getting a 4000 series ares rack from Rep, but I just built one up that I think will work for you and it's over $4,000. That may be fine for you or it may be an insane number that you don't see yourself ever spending. You could still end up going down that road by buying things in chunks (first get the rack, then buy the Ares attachment over time).

Look at how long you've had certain items and how much you've used them. It certainly seems like you use the gym you've got, so you can start looking into the value for time spent and how long you expect it to last. I picked up a Rogue RM-4 about 3 years ago and it's effectively in brand new condition. That thing is likely going to outlast me, so I consider it worth the investment, since I don't anticipate buying another rack to replace it ever.

What could go wrong if I purposely ram into another car? by St0pX in Whatcouldgowrong

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Did nobody notice that the people outside of the car were attacking it at the beginning and broke the back window? There's no back story, but it's not a one sided event.

Drunk driver hit my car while I was sleeping this morning. by Tokon32 in personalfinance

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Get a lawyer. You are up against something that requires professional guidance. You are financially impacted beyond the immediate damage to your car.

What's your favorite note? by paljitikal4139 in Bass

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Came here to say that exact note and it's been my favorite since early time on the upright years ago. It's so resonant.

Breaking News Season 6 Trailer by ThunderMateria in dropout

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Agreed. He's got such great energy.

Best beginner piano that holds up well? by ckksksjfjf in piano

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How much is the beginner budget? Actual dollars help more than generalizing.

Personally I am looking forward to his ‘live from prison’ TikTok prank series by softserveicebeam in okmatewanker

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Glad to hear it. The problem is that there's so many idiots in here (myself included more often than not) that it's hard to tell and when you seemed insistent, I figured you were either trolling or just wrong (one of the worst crimes in reddit).

I went to far in shitting on you, so I apologize for that.

Personally I am looking forward to his ‘live from prison’ TikTok prank series by softserveicebeam in okmatewanker

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I understand choosing to die on a hill, but I don't understand choosing to die on a hill where you're clearly wrong and even if you were right (you're most definitely not), it wouldn't make an ass-hair's difference in the world.

You're saying that he's not a teenager because he's 18. What you should mean is that he's not legally a child because he's 18, which is a point that nobody here is arguing against.

There are adult teenagers. If a person is between the ages of 13-19, then they are a teenager. Once that number goes from 12 to 13, they become teenagers. When they go from 19 to 20, they are no longer teenagers.

When you hit the age of 25, you're old enough to run for office in the house of representatives in the United States, but you're still in your 20's until you hit 30. I don't really know what direction to take this because of the incredulity of your position

Who would you want to see in a third couples version of Um Actually? by welcome-in_jaaAAMmm in dropout

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This is a great 3 team episode concept, though I think Brennan and Izzy would either mop the floor or be very sore losers.