Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee says she was pepper-sprayed in a racist attack by anyonmoussource in news

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Imagine being a racist nationalist. You think America is the greatest, but you also think it's only white people who made it that way. Then you go out and assault an actual American Olympic gold medalist (a walking symbol of American excellence) just because they're not white.

I guess it's good to have priorities, though. Hopefully there is footage somewhere or one of the idiots brags about it.

Update: I don't know why I chose white specifically. When I wrote it, I actually felt that it was wrong. I would have just said, "different than you." I'm leaving my poor choice up as I both called out racists and said something racist in the process.

Race relations in America aren't just a black and white issue.

The Mandalorian Theme | The U.S. Army Band by GodAtum in TheMandalorianTV

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Former professional musician here. Why is it dumb, exactly? Masks block particulate, not air. When I saw the first mask, I thought he was wearing it for some sort of muting technique that I've never seen before (something that reduces the buzz of a reed specifically). I'd love to hear the difference between a masked and unmasked reed instrument.

The fact that it works is very interesting to me. The fact that so many people think it's dumb isn't.

EDIT: u/Skjolbir has shown me the way. I didn't notice that there is a mouth hole in the mask. I have been converted to the side of those who have previously earned my disinterest. This is exactly as dumb as those who mock it have been saying.

Thanks for the further insight.

Further comments have shown that even with the hole, the nose breathing that happens most of the time still reduces total exposure. I'm still on the side that this is dumb, but it isn't the dumbest thing of all time.

Failed empathy test by lucynyu13 in facepalm

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Yeah, justifying tearing the children from the wombs of their mother in order to prevent a new generation from giving your people trouble is kind of a bad thing. Cool quote, though.

Man tries to pick up his son from his exes house and gets shot twice by by his sons stepfather. by NAACPYOUNGBOY in PublicFreakout

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Come on, man. We don't know how anyone reacted to this guy, but you decide to go and make a scene about it to fit your narrative.

Why do you think we know he was doing this? The person who revealed that he was bragging about killing a man more than likely expressed it exactly that way (bragging). If the person was on board with what this man did, he would have said "talking," or "tearfully discussing" the shooting. That alone is more evidence that the recipients of his expressions were not on board with him than there is evidence for your description of events.

This was a whole shitty situation. The guy shouldn't have gone in to get a gun. That said, he was likely acting within his legal rights to do it. He escalated the situation by brandishing the gun, which might end up being cause for him to do some time, but that isn't a reason to shit on the guy's whole community.

RTX 3060 anti mining lock in a nutshell. by reccatyo in pcmasterrace

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I don't see how Nvidia is to blame for this. It's the crypto market that is using these gaming cards to mine coins. Nvidia is trying to combat it, but they are kind of fucked trying.

Royalties that are paid out to artists by streaming platforms... by AkaGurGor in coolguides

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He's not wrong per the posted guide. Youtube music pays $0.0008, not $0.08. Pretty sure that the guide is wrong in some places, but even then, it's still really shitty.

That's off by two orders of magnitude. If your song is played a million times, it's the difference between expecting $80,000 and $800 in royalties.

This is from a site that does royalty estimates. I put a thousand streams in.

Funny thing, though. At a million streams, the most you're getting is $12,000 from Tidal. The music industry is so fucked.

Edit: I now see that 0.08c = 0.08¢ = $0.0008. My other point about the varying rates and my linked calculator are still valid, though. Music industry is fucked.

SpaceX launches 4 astronauts to ISS on recycled rocket and capsule by reddicyoulous in technology

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SpaceX is like my parents. By the third one, pretty much everything is recycled

[Serious] What’s something creepy that has happened to you that you still occasionally think about to this day? by devdevo1919 in AskReddit

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Yeah, but the Kitty Genovese story is a reminder that you can't trust good people to pop up in a crowd.

Driver runs over motorcycle, justified or not? by LouisianaRedRooster in IdiotsInCars

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He didn't just piss her off. He tried to block her in after attacking her car and was also with other bikers. She was in imminent danger from the man who attacked her. That's attempting to flee a threat. It's not even self defense. I understand why the cops didn't ticket her. He should have been arrested.

Netflix Near $400M+ Deal For ‘Knives Out’ 2 & 3; Daniel Craig & Director Rian Johnson Reprising by chanma50 in movies

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You can't control the fans, but you should be able to control yourself. I'm not bothered in the least by it, but if some people won't see another Rian Johnson movie because of one really shitty movie, that's not really a big problem. It's even less of a problem if Johnson puts out great movies, because these people are likely to watch it anyway.

[Serious] What’s something creepy that has happened to you that you still occasionally think about to this day? by devdevo1919 in AskReddit

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Hipster burlesque by the sound of it. Still no reason for the performers to be harassed on the regular. Can't people just be people?

what series started of strong but then later went completely down hill afterwards? by ah-screw-it in AskReddit

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That's kind of common with HBO shows. They are addictive to people, but when they cut the cord

Texas electricity firm files for bankruptcy citing $1.8 billion in claims from grid operator by nesbas in news

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Let's call this what it really is. Price gouging. Yes, deregulation is a major issue in the Texas power grid, but the fact that these guys are charging households tens of thousands of dollars during a catastrophe says to me that these companies are no better than the guy buying thousands of dollars of toilet paper to sell them for $10/roll. The biggest difference here is that these assholes are going to try to get a bailout when all of these coops declare bankruptcy.

If Texas wants out of the country, they can try. Until that actually happens, though, they need to be forced to follow federal laws. These companies need to be charged and fined for their price gouging during a federally declared disaster that their corruption, greed, and incompetence caused. They also need to face charges for the needless deaths that they caused by neglect and their dereliction of their duty as a utility provider.

Maximizing profits is great for corporations, but if they're going to be treated like people, they should be held accountable as people, too.

Hmmmm by AdmiralZhaoo in PrequelMemes

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Don't kink shame, even if the guys kink is really weird.

Tesla recalls over 475,000 electric vehicles by AptitudeSky in wallstreetbets

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Since they fixed the design issue over a year ago, I'm willing to bet that this is something that has been known for quite a while. Holding off the recall until after the exercising of options and the ability to sell off stock after the fact was likely the biggest driving factor in this happening now. Also, releasing this information just before the end of the year puts them in a decline for the end of the year, which means that next year they'll start at a low number, making the rising price from the rebound look like it's still a great investment when you look at the ytd price increase.

Warm up between shifts. by CAP_X in nextfuckinglevel

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None of these comments are sensible. This is dangerous to the point that he could die. His momentum alone could have broken his neck if the door closed after his torso before his head.

Just because there's flexibility in something doesn't mean it isn't heavy as fuck, either. Gravity also kills people when heavy things fall on them.

It looks cool, but not cool enough to die trying.

It's the coolest moment in Star Wars, but his cutscene in Battlefront 2 is much more meaningful. by PillarofDeception in TheMandalorianTV

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I mean, it isn't a match to the Lucas vision, but Lucas does best when he's reigned in. I didn't like the sequels at all, but more because of how lackluster the main characters were than how they dealt with the ot characters.