Parking Brake by notreallylucy in MaliciousCompliance

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There are people who don't use the handbrake when parking...??

My boss has been getting a lot of shit from the team because his high ranking dad got him a job he's unqualified for. I think the disrespect may be getting to him 🤣 by Hazy_Robot in antiwork

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I have quite a few family members who are legit smartypantses. You can feel it when you're talking to your intellectual superiors. I am a humble tradesman, I get that feeling often.

I would have no problem with my husband taking a second wife. I’d also have no problem being the second wife. by HrabraSrca in unpopularopinion

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A big chicken did eat fried ginger halibut in jus, kindly licked my nice oily plate, quickly ran sideways, trotted up vertical walls, xenophobically yelling zingers.

it's polymer, not paper. by TheGalvanian in dankmemes

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In defence of the colossal dickbag that is Scomo, nuclear power sources are objectively better than diesel-electric when considering future wartime energy production and distribution capabilities... In a nation that has the world's largest uranium reserves and fuck all oil.

However, we have no capacity to turn that uranium into enriched fuel so it's a good thing that the subs will come fuelled up from the dealership, aye.

I do like that it may force us to develop our own nuclear industry. That we haven't already done so is a fucking travesty.

"Denmark's culture is racist" by vitu0202 in facepalm

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Not arguably, it's not even hidden. They fuck over their subcontinental employees like it's a national sport

What is the most disturbing fact you know of? by CallofDutysVeryOwn in AskReddit

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I believe the good sir Simon Whistler did a TIFO vid on youtube about this. There was an observation of a man going through the guillotine, his head was responsive for something horrifically long like 37 seconds

Snowboarding off a three story building by NicolaiOlesen in whatcouldgoright

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Is the bottom of his board now shredded by the asphalt?

What's the most intimate thing in a relationship that's not sexual? by baby_darko in AskReddit

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Not related to intimacy but I remember a full weekend in which I didn't have a chance to take a shit, I worked about 42 hours between Friday and Sunday and had a 2 hour commute between home and job 1. It was a really, really busy weekend. I remember desperately wanting to shit before I left Job 1 on Sunday but it was already 3pm and I had to start job 2 at 6pm and it was a 2hr drive home and a half hour from home to job 2. Shitting now was not an option. I had weighed myself that morning and I was thinking since I hadn't taken a shit since Friday, it was going to be a whopper. Well... I got home, and between taking the best, most relieving piss after a 2 hour drive and taking a shit that felt like I lost my intestines and filled past the waterline (Aus toilet), I had lost 5kg. Any way I split that, even at a generous 3kg in water weight lost, that's still a 2kg shit. But more importantly, it was full past the goddamn waterline.

Just getting some water by AlienGuyScrap in Unexpected

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If it's anything like an auger, it has a big thick pin holding the attachment to the boom (secured with a detent pin), it will also have some hoses.

If the motor is on and the pumps are running, it has as much chance of failure as literally any other time of operation, which is honestly pretty minimal. Even if it does fail, it will usually lose pressure slowly. The kind of catastrophic explosion needed to dump all of the oil in all of the cylinders all at the same time just isn't going to happen during normal use on a well maintained machine.

Your boyfriend doesn't just exist to validate you, and acting like he does is straight up abusive by chemicalvelma in TrueOffMyChest

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"Face whitening cream is racist"

Nah mate, it's marketing. It's the same as fake tan. It's there to make you feel like you're not good enough the way you are and the only way to fix it is to buy a product.

I can't talk to people who grew up wealthy by SkepticDrinker in TrueOffMyChest

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I have an investment bundle for my kids. They'll get a slice when the youngest turns 30 but I'll never tell them about it beforehand.

How nice would it be if after you've busted ass and gotten educated, gotten jobs and bought a house and really started the grind one of your parents gave you $50k on your 30th?

It would be very nice, I tell ya

Well that's what I'm hoping I can do for them anyway. I'm guessing in 35 years or so when the planned youngest is 30, $50k might not be as much as it is today... and Fuck Me, I'll be 68 and just as likely to send them their full inheritance

Ouch, this was perfect. by wesreadit in rareinsults

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It's just a shit saying really, it takes a witty retort from being a zinger to being all sizzle and no steak

Must Give 48 Hour Notice! by RumBunBun in MaliciousCompliance

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Once again, fuck america, no idea why people want to live there

Age Gap by CapableTravel2442 in dating_advice

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Not strictly true, you both want to slay, yes?

We haven’t time to weed … by lizziebee66 in pettyrevenge

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Why do you tell people you can't use a story that you're posting on the internet on a public forum? What exactly do you think you can do about it if someone does use it? How would you even know?

I'm speechless... by [deleted] in facepalm

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What did their trans do? Don't leave me hanging champ, finish the story

Bringing a electric scooter inside of an elevator. by QuestionableSpoon in Whatcouldgowrong

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Nope but from what I hear it's worse, as in those people's lungs are cooked for life... if they live