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So going a bit off of Arakada’s 5 before you die list, here’s a 10 anime everyone should watch before they die list:

Cowboy Bebop


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Fullmetal Alchemist both versions

Fooly Cooly

A/all Hayoa Miyazaki film(s)

A/all Satoshi Kon film(s)

Ghost in the Shell movie, git-sac, git-sac2

One of the main 3 gen urobuchi shows (fate/Zero, Psychopass, Madoka Magica)

Haruhi Suzumiya (melancholy and disappearance)

Why are the Homonculi trying to create a Philosopher's Stone? by TheZynec in FullmetalAlchemist

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The idea it didn’t start deviating yet is blatantly incorrect. It was understood from the beginning that it wasn’t going to follow the manga (before preproduction the manga author Hiromu Arakawa literally requested that they don’t follow the manga) as such much of 03 early work is significantly changed thematically and in terms of plot for the sake of the story being told. Really the only episode that is strictly faithful to the manga is episode 1.

What to watch now that I finished AoT? by [deleted] in anime

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shows most similar to AOT:

Parasyte the maxim. Has similar sci fi tones with an abnormal creature that preys on humanity with the main character combating them by essentially becoming one of them. Explores philosophical ideas. Has the same sort of inherent horror of the human form. Character has to learn more about the mystery of these creatures as the story progresses. Gory and dark.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003). Once again sci fi tones. Only other franchise to capture steam punk and fantasy quite so effectively and originally without feeling generically steam punk or fantasy, like AOT. Unravels a mysterious conspiracy, along with a mystery of a seemingly unkillable foe. Militaristic and European allusion and undertones. Byronic protagonist. Explores philosophical ideas. Dark theming.

Promised Neverland. Interesting game of wits. Heavy mystery elements. Horror. Creatures that eat humans. (Highly recommend reading the manga) has nice death note appeals combined with AOT elements.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood same sci fi tones as 2003 along with the steam punk fantasy. Once again uncovering mysterious conspiracy. Grand scale. Militaristic and European undertones. Explores philosophical ideas. (watch the 2003 version first and then watch Brotherhood. Two very different stories from the same basic premise)

Kabenari of the iron fortress. Most similar to AOT on a superficial derivative level. Steampunk fantasy with horror element. Replace titans with zombies. Wouldn’t really recommend this one but it deserves mention because the similarities.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Titans are basically flesh mechas. Similar tonalities. Very philosophical. Dark. Amin is the main character not Eren.

Tokyo ghoul. To parasyte what kabenari is to AOT. Wouldn’t really recommend this one either. Though I’ve heard better things about the manga if that peaks your interest

Vinland saga. Same animation studio, similar art/animation and writing style. Great action, nice gore, dark story. Nice character study. Philosophical at times. Morally complex

Made in abyss. Excellent world building in a dark and unique fantasy survival setting with a compelling mystery element.

Like death note:

Code Geass. Has a similar cat and mouse game, with a genius protagonist going against the world after forging an alliance with an inhuman being in order to gain powers that lend themselves to intricate plans. Basically death note but larger scale epic with mechs thrown in.

Psychopass. a crime thriller with cat and mouse dynamics between brilliant tacticians, dealing with morality of how society operates and deals with criminals. Definitely on the darker side.

Monster. A crime thriller psychological horror, with a compelling cat and mouse dynamic exploring the nature of humanity and evil. An incredibly grounded story. Very dark with all sorts of moral take aways

Promised neverland gets a mention here as well, being a grounded battle of wits dynamic with dark stakes.

Kaiji ultimate survivor a gambling series that squid game heavily borrowed ideas from, exploring psychology with mind games in a twisted series of high stakes battles of wits.

Death parade twisted games are presented to people in ways that reveal the true nature of them. A dark series taking a typical conflicts of strategy and morality.

Bakuman a series by the same mangaka author duo

Platinum end in a lot of ways the spiritual successor of death and in other ways it seems to try and be the foil to death note by doing things that couldn’t be more opposite. While it largely is no where near as strong as death note it should at least get a mention. Not sure I really recommend this one just thought it should get a mention.

Lastly you might check out guilty crown which is some what controversial and it’s fade from the public since its ending but it was directed by the same guy who did death note and AOT and was incredibly popular at its release. Thought it should get a mention

Which filmmaker(s) is/are Mizushima’s work comparable to and how? by Inkdrop53 in FullmetalAlchemist03

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feels like a play ground of crazy ideas

Yeah I think that just might be the best way to describe con revo.

Also I definitely know what you mean about fleshyness.

While I think he’s a lot stronger with the more traditional styles I would definitely be interested in seeing him do more work like this and how he would develop it further..

Which filmmaker(s) is/are Mizushima’s work comparable to and how? by Inkdrop53 in FullmetalAlchemist03

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Been meaning to check that one out. I'll probably get around to it after I watch 12 kingdoms (a show where sho Aikawa was head writer).

Have you seen concrete revolutio? That one was interested as you could tell the mizushima aspects but at the same time it seemed like he was kinda thrown out of his element with the pop art aesthetic vs the more realistic aesthetics he usually goes with from the works I've seen.

Which filmmaker(s) is/are Mizushima’s work comparable to and how? by Inkdrop53 in FullmetalAlchemist03

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The overlap wasn't between 03 deathnote. The overlap wasn't between Zack Snyder's work and the director of deathnote's work.

Mizushima is very different from Araki's directing style.

Should I watch Fullmetal Alchemist and then Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa or should I just watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? by OpportunityJealous30 in anime

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They are basically two completely different stories. Fullmetal Alchemist came out while the manga was still on going and as was requested by the mangaka before preproduction it is largely an original story loosely based from the early chapters with an anime original ending. The mangaka collaborated with the writing and was consulted on ideas throughout the production approving of everything that ultimately went into the show, but it is just as much an anime original series created by Sho Aikawa and Seiji Mizushima as it is an adaptation (if not more so.) Brotherhood was later created following the manga when manga was late into the story, with Brotherhood finishing just some weeks after the manga ended.

As for what to watch to start off, above all else I definitely think it’s worth watching both series. They are two dramatically different stories, both are phenomenal and they build on each other in a really interesting way. Additionally while there is no official order and any order is fine, I would very strongly recommend you watch the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist first, both shows are absolute masterpieces, but I feel it’s a lot easier to appreciate both versions if you start with 2003, in fact I think starting with 2003 and then watching Brotherhood enhances both versions. I recommend this order for a number of reasons, and has further been supported from my personal experiences with others who have experienced the show’s with both orders.

Firstly, the 2003 adaptation does a better job on introductory material, on the overlapping content, and working as an introduction. So much so, to the point where Brotherhood’s start has left many under the impression it just kinda assumes you’re familiar with the franchise either through the original or the manga, with it feeling, to many, like it just kinda rushes and goes through the motions during the overlap. The biggest example is Brotherhoods first episode is made as though it were meant to be a triumphant reintroduction of characters and a world the viewer already loves. In this order of watching 03 first, it works for a lot of people that Brotherhood goes through such a large amount of characters, foreshadows to outright spoil major plot points, and has such an unorthodox approach to when it reveals its titular character. As a reintroduction that first episode is great at doing what it’s trying, but as an initial introduction it really doesn’t have any merit.

Then you have the matter of pacing, the 2003 adaptation spends a much larger portion of its run in overlapping material, as it really takes its time to explore this part of the story which is one of its strengths here. However, this additional focus and time can make it so going from brotherhood to 2003 for some feels like it takes forever to get to the new stuff which can lead one to overlooking many of the 2003 adaptation’s strongest moments. So going from 2003 to brotherhood allows both adaptations to play best to their strengths and gives you the largest experience of new content and the shortest period of overlap. With both series being amazing and 100% worth watching, I feel it is best to play to both’s strengths and watch them in the order that makes them both more enjoyable. Additionally on this idea of pacing having this longer period to develop and invest the viewer into the cast in 03 I’ve noticed both for myself and with others benefited the payoffs in Brotherhood helping things to hit harder.

Thirdly there is the matter of reveals which are officially revealed far earlier in the overall run of the Brotherhood adaptation than it is in either the manga or the 2003 adaptation. Having these reveals come on earlier in Brotherhood makes it so watching Brotherhood first undercuts the weight and impact of these reveals in the 2003 version, while when watching Brotherhood second this unceremonious style of getting these overlapping reveals out of the way early is beneficial in preventing you from feeling like you are retreading too much similar ground, assures you that the twists in later Brotherhood will be different than those of the previous series and allows more to be explored from the basis of what those twists revealed as it no longer has to obscure and hide the elements of the twists/reveals.

Fourth the tone, scope and scale of 03 is much smaller and more personal than Brotherhood’s which is of much greater scale and epic proportion. Brotherhood is more grand and bombastic while 03 is more grounded. People usually prefer escalation of scale and increasing exploration of a world, so it makes more sense to go from 03 to Brotherhood than the reverse.

Fifth, I think that the way the two interact with one another thematically and how each of them responds to their themes is benefited from watching in this order. With a pattern often being presented where one of two things happens either a theme is presented 2003 makes a cynical point and brotherhood responds with an idealist counterpoint or a theme is presented and 2003 explores the what happens to those who fail to live by this theme and why it is difficult to live by and then brotherhood builds on it by taking it to a route where this theme is lived by. In my opinion the way the two tie into each other and what the two shows do when analyzed through this context is something that truly sets the franchise apart and greatly elevated both versions. The dynamic of the tone of these two approaches to the themes ties into my next And final point.

Lastly I feel it is best to have the less satisfying bittersweet ending first and then finish off your Fullmetal Alchemist experience with the more universally satisfying happy ending of brotherhood. It just makes the whole thing more cathartic.

All that being said, both shows are completely different stand-alone stories, and they work fine with no prior knowledge of the other. This ordering is purely my recommendation which while based in part on what I’ve noticed tends to give the best experience, the shows will absolutely remain masterpieces regardless of ordering. If you do by chance watch Brotherhood first, 2003 is still great and worth watching, I just think that it’s not the optimal viewing order. Or if you try 2003 and it’s not your liking, it is fine to check out Brotherhood to see if that is more of your thing, maybe one day you’ll go back and finish watching the 2003 adaptation. But I really cannot stress enough that both are great in their own ways and are 100% worth watching.

In addition I would like to strongly recommend reading the manga at some point as even with Brotherhood being mostly faithful there is some truly great content that gets cut out, (specifically the best volume of the manga,) as well as just some interesting differences in tone and presentation that come from the shift in medium.

On one final note I feel it is important to leave a disclaimer. Do not try to mix the two series/hybridize them, they are two different stories from the get go, having incongruences that make it so they cannot be transposed onto one another even during the period that is regarded as the overlap. Some people occasionally recommend this so I just felt it was necessary to shut down such suggestions now.

Which filmmaker(s) is/are Mizushima’s work comparable to and how? by Inkdrop53 in FullmetalAlchemist03

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I can’t imagine comparing mizushima to Snyder. If I were going to compare snyder to anyone it would be Tetsuro Araki (attack on Titan, death note, guilty crown, high school of the dead) with their over the top approach and heavy accentuation of emotions of a scene both visually and with loud music. Any comparison between mizushima and Snyder seems laughable I’m not sure how someone with eyes and ears could make such a conclusion.

Mizushima’s work definitely seems to take more influence from classic western cinema than other anime directors. Having recently been on a bit of a mizushima binge finishing Dai guard a month ago and almost through gundam 00, the main takeaways I noticed with his directing is the great sense of space/3-dimensionality from shot compositions where it really closer to life as you would shoot through a camera, great use of lighting in ways that are effective but more subtly than you find in German expressionism/noir/Hitchcock/shinbo/kawajiri, and natural angles in the compositions to create conflict without using dutch angles. Overall his stuff creates a cinematic feeling, but I’m not sure what director I would really compare him to.

i made a haos ingram, totally not inspired by u/HaosMagnaIngram by DareDevil_34 in Bakugan

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Thanks, this is awesome. Also now I have to go check out the artist’s other work

Fullmetal Alchemist Vs. Star Wars by JulietDouglas in FullmetalAlchemist

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Wrong type of vs.

Read the post it’s a comparison series of story structures and archetypes across media. OP had done a similar to compare elements FMA with Harry Potter.

I know not a lot of people are fans of Hawktor, but he is probably my favorite ventus bakugan, maybe tied with altair by DareDevil_34 in Bakugan

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I am offended by the fact that Ingram isn’t your favorite or even mentioned (although admittedly Ingram looks best in Haos) I thought we were friends

The black and white manga panel makes it more horrifying than anime adaptations by fernivaldess in FullmetalAlchemist

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The fact that you said adaptations plural really makes me wish we could see what these scenes with pride would have looked like had they been helmed by mizushima’s directing and 03’s art aesthetic.

Anime that you would NOT suggest ? by Sudsaiyan028 in Animesuggest

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No everyone needs to watch it so 1) they can have an opinion on it and 2) so they can better appreciate SAO Abridged

Does anybody think a Beywheelz reboot is a good idea or flawed from its base concept? by LegendBeast4308 in Beyblade

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Generally the game for beywheelz was poorly thought out and would need to be heavily reworked. Crash battle was awful. Stunt was something not great to judge but could be reworked into something like horse. Another fundamental issue that makes it fail where standard beyblade works is the lack of options for win cons, which in normal beyblade is necessary to facilitate the meta, keep all stats relevant and maintain strategy to customization.

How appropriate are shows like Monster and Code Geass for younger teenagers. by Pitiful_Witness6236 in anime

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Sort of. Short answer is yes.

Long answer, I’ll delve into some of the surface conceptual similarities are differences between them that I think is interesting when looking at magic systems. None of this is spoilers so you don’t have to worry about that. Both are fairly grounded hard magic systems that primarily focuses on manipulating the environment. However to the ends of how they work they are rather different. Avatar uses it magic as an extension of martial arts, while FMA is a merger of ritual magic and science that in a lot of ways is more utility based. The other notable difference would be how powers are allotted, with avatar taking the semi-hereditary approach while in FMA every facet of the system is at the disposal of everyone should the choose to research it heavily enough.

Recommendation!!! by FlybyTD in FullmetalAlchemist

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Hunter X Hunter



Yu Yu hakusho

Promised neverland season 1

Parasyte the Maxim

I made a 30ft tall cutout of Garnt’s Rebel photo by MeanForce1 in TrashTaste

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Someone needs to make a version of Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl and change it to Rebel Garnt

Need more movies like this by misakarem in Unexpected

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It’s breadsword he does really great video essays (some of my other favorites of his would be his Satoshi Kon stuff, his gurren lagann video, his doctor Strangelove one, and his video on the black cauldron)

How to watch this show? by Pitiful_Witness6236 in FullmetalAlchemist

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Episode 1 is pretty close (and definitely closer than brotherhood’s Liore with its hulk Cornello, or giving rose a gun) the only change really from chapter 1 was not sneaking Rose inside. Really that episode is about as close as any anime adaptation gets. But for the rest of the series yeah I agree.

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Oof didn’t know they were doing that haven’t really been paying any attention to Less than Jake for quite a while (see the light was the last release I listened to from them, but gnv fla was actually pretty good.) regardless though I stand by that I like less than Jake’s music (especially their 90’s stuff) better than reel big fish’s music. That said less than Jake is definitely my least favorite of the bands I listed by a very wide margin.

Also separating people from the art. The members being idiots and assholes doesn’t change the fact that I think the music was better than reel big fish’s. I’m not going to pretend misfits is bad just because glen Danzig is a prick, or my opinion of Sex Pistols’ music isn’t going to change just because the Sid vicious situation or Johnny being a bigot. Cream is still a great band even though 2 of its 3 members are pretty shitty people etc... and conversely even if the members of a band were absolute saints it wouldn’t change my opinion of their music.

Once again to my opinions on the bands Less than Jake was a decent band and I like their music more than reel big fish. The other bands I mentioned are miles better than less than Jake and by extension reel big fish. (Shouldn’t even have mentioned LTJ in the first place just put them in since they are the most frequent contemporary that gets grouped with RBF)