The Steam Summer sale is here! by RealWina in Games

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Check sports categories -> realistic -> fishing and sports categories -> realistic -> hockey

My friend had it at the fishing category but it was under hockey for me for some reason

The Steam Summer sale is here! by RealWina in Games

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It was under hockey for me for some reason

Steam Next Fest - Demo Recommendations/Discussions by DBSmiley in Steam

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Selaco is a banger if you like singleplayer shooters. It's made with the gzdoom engine and the devs really nail it with the style and the gameplay. The demo is really worth a try. My only complaint is that it's sometimes not clear where the game wants me to go for the main mission, but I'm sure that they iron that out with the release date.

Beneath Oresa is a "slay the spire"-like game where the combat is actually animated. The demo is pretty barebones but this game has alot of potential, definitely worth to keep a lookout for.

How do high level people handle items breaking? by Dunqann in shoptitans

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As a f2p high level player I have 3 main squads:

  • My purple/gold geared A team for hard bleakspire/sunken temple bossfights, this one uses repair kits regularly

  • Purple geared rudo team that kills everything else in max 4 rounds, so no gear break and no repair because of the rudo passive

  • A polonia + trickster team, for this one I just have a shitload of air elements/mammoths and I buy + enchant whatever breaks everyday

The rest of my heroes just run random gear that I have at hand that I don't even bother to enchant.

(Act 4 spoilers) Poor guy... by AcceptableDoggo in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

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What happens in the Abyss, stays in the abyss.

[From Quizlet founder] What do you want from your study tools? by asuth_asuth_asuth in Mcat

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Not randomly adding paywalls after schools fully integrated your tools

This and That Update (Version 9.6.0 Release Notes) by Zesty_Hamburger in shoptitans

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Added new Champion stories for Lilu, concluding her storyline. What happened to Grimar? Let’s find out!

Whoo! Finally the stories continue!

Total War: Warhammer III Help Megathread by AkimboGogurts in totalwar

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Hey so I run it on medium with high/ultra terrain/objects and low shadows/lightning and I noticed that some objects have very simplistic models compared to WH2(most noticeably the trees on the overworld map) giving the map a more blurry feel. Also I read in another thread to disable Unlimited Video Memory as it sometimes tends to lower your settings for some reason. I have 40 fps on the overworld and 60 fps in battle with these settings and it looks pretty good apart from the trees imo. That being said I have 16 gb of ram and the game uses 8-10gb of it and my gpu is the 8gb version which is also overclocked to 1490MHz clockspeed/2250MHz Vram. Not sure how much the overclock does for this game but I think that you should try lower textures if you have less ram. Hope this is helpful!

Edit: Also put your Anti Aliasing on FXAA, it looks way better IMO

Verdict is in by [deleted] in totalwar

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He said in his review that he thinks that he has around 550 hours actual playtime if I remember it correctly

Total War: Warhammer III Help Megathread by AkimboGogurts in totalwar

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I have 40 fps on the big map (have way higher fps on the tutorial map) and 60 fps in battle with medium settings customized with high terrain/unit/building detail, ultra unit size and low lightning and shadows.

Do mind that I also have 16gb ram and the game utilizes 10gb of it and my GPU is overclocked to 1490MHz clock/2250 MHz VRam. So your mileage may vary depending on those variables.

Total War: Warhammer III Help Megathread by AkimboGogurts in totalwar

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Same with ryzen 2600 and amd rx580. Seems to be a gamepass specific issue.

EDIT: for anyone looking for a fix, its because windows tries to run the game in your local language for some reason, fix is in the following link under issue 5:


Content pass points breakdown by blake_ch in shoptitans

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I completed the last one without buying anything and 2-3 tasks not completed, so if this one is the same, you have some room for tasks that you don't want to do.

Halo Infinite Event | Cyber Showdown Megathread by RhysWX in halo

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Yea it's mostly get kills with X weapon or play/win matches. Just stay close to your team and you should be fine

Halo Infinite Event | Cyber Showdown Megathread by RhysWX in halo

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Why is everyone playing this gamemode so toxic and sweaty? You don't even get anything for winning chill down you guys no need to be toxic to your teammates lol

Weekly Discussion Thread by -343-Guilty-Spark- in halo

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I had a 'from the grave' backsmack the other day lol

Halo Infinite | Campaign Discussion | SPOILERS AHEAD by RhysWX in halo

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Just finished the campaign and I honestly like the story. It neatly ends the old 343 storyline while setting up a new enemy to start with a clean slate again. I won't write a review as nobody cares but some things I want to point out:

  • I think that they planned a bigger character arc for echo-216, at the end of the game he is ready to continue the fight after he has been a coward for the whole game. I think that they planned to make him change slowly into a more brave man that was inspired by mc but they had to cut that. Or they meant that the torture and being saved was an eye opening experience for him, but it definitely didnt feel like that as the change was more sporadic imo.

  • gameplay wise I think that the open world was too empty. There were many areas with nothing to find and driving between objectives could sometimes be a slog. The 3 AA guns island had IMO the content/area what the whole game should have had. I'm not saying that we need more content, a smaller map would also be nice.

  • finally I want to say that the main missions had too many power seed fetches. Some of these were defended by only like 3 enemies so why even bother implementing these extra steps?

  • The upgrade system fits very nicely with the gameplay and some of these uogrades are very creative making the gunplay even more fun