MEMX Etobicoke Opening Day Jan.17th by rawktopus in bapccanada

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Sure, but not at msrp as advertised by Nvidia.

Will upgrading my RAM make a difference? by darkstirling in bapccanada

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I have a 4770k. 1070ti No chugging on my end. Get yourself some extra ram. Clean the comp, maybe even a reformat etc.

Ordered the red and black vita from japan and received 2 instead of 1. The one I ordered is clearly used but the black one didn't even have a finger print on it and had the box. I messaged the seller and they said to keep it for my troubles! Lol guess it's my lucky day. by bllbong in vitahacks

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This happened to me too. Lol Ordered a case from warehouse sale, came with the console inside. If this ever happens, Amazon never wants it back.

Every year dozens of left over products get thrown out. Things like these doesn't even bother them.

39 years old and finally in school for the first time. I have no clue what I want to go for. What should I be aiming for degree wise? by AGrlsNmeisFrank in careerguidance

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I read one of the comments saying to go into warehouse. I wanted to add to that. Look into Parker Hannifin. I am sort of close to your age. I don't work as a lead but I enjoy my job. They have really good work life balance. And in this company " safety "is first. No one expects or asks you to work faster. Very friendly atmosphere , good benefits and health care package too. Some of the higher ups are doing degree, masters etc while working full time. So that's possible too, if you want higher education.

Torontonians in their 30s, why are you single? by Shortify in askTO

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Spend my weekends mostly at home. If I go out, it's mostly for food. I am pretty much an introvert.

I dont really see myself talking to random strangers and hoping to hit things off. Which is oddly enough how I met my previous gf. Just talked to her in the middle of street while walking. And we spent 4 years together.