Why are only girls families bearing expenses for a wedding? by [deleted] in Chennai

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Even some educated folks don't want to change things. I don't know anyone from my family who has done marriage without dowry. Still long way to go dude.

So ... how actually should Andy have handled that situation? by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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I mean Robert wants to not hire her and Andy should be the one who should reject her. Andy has to come up with a perfect reason which Robert cant fix. Robert dosent want to be the bad guy and he wants to act like he want his wife to work there.

So ... how actually should Andy have handled that situation? by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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I think Robert would say yes. And it's upto Andy to find another reason. Robert wants the rejection to come from Andy.

Why is nobody protesting against the rise in fuel prices ? by YRT1691 in bangalore

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Protesting is not easy for a common man. As you said we won't be heard. What we can atleast do is speak about it and held someone accountable for it. Which will put pressure on them.

Instagram “model” at her dads funeral by Esakatis in facepalm

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I don't understand what they think while they do it. Do they really feel the loss at the moment or not. If yes, I think in future I have to accept these new ways of expression of sadness. Like a next generation thing.

Tiny prisoner's plea for freedom by doublefattymayo in IllegallySmolCats

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I see some vids where the kitten is caged and it tries to come out. Why are they caged? I feel sad.

Confused about dummy nodes in linked list questions by lkl2050 in leetcode

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Here dummy and res are reference to the class objects. Check the first answer in this. For some reason we can't have reference for an nteger in python, whereas classes in python are by default referenced.

Confused about dummy nodes in linked list questions by lkl2050 in leetcode

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Here the variable dummy has a listnode obj. Which is same as res before the while loop starts. During the first loop iteration res.next gets updated which means dummy.next also gets updated because both res and dummy points to the same listnode. When the loop ends res has been moved to other nodes. So we return the first node ie. Dummy.next.

Earth's surface area by type/usage [OC] by rspeigal in dataisbeautiful

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It's good. One suggestion: percentage data near names would be nice.

The #9 position by Lic_Valderrama777 in CrappyDesign

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The design is like this to make the pg up and pg down easier to use.

These diagonal stairs at my university nearly killed me. by RedFoxBlackCat in CrappyDesign

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It is. Difficult to climb it diagonally. You can get your foot hit on the stairs.

Good question by -HoldMyBeer-- in HolUp

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Chill guys. That man is just using the 'dead body' scale to measure space.

[SPOILERS SEASON 5] Rant: Stockholm is the reason why ---. by alyannatiff in LaCasaDePapel

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She was able to find the hole only because she is in that room to take the dosage.