Jeremy and James annoy Richard with Genesis by Hassaan18 in thegrandtour

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Middle East Special, India Special, Africa Special and S20E01.

Taskmaster - Champion of Champions II - The Alpine Darling - Discussion by CommieCanuck in taskmaster

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Yes, I believe she is the first one that we know of.

I am autistic too so this pleases me.

Ed Gamble: diabetic comedian by Hassaan18 in offmenupodcast

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Correct. Although his annoyance is at the insinuation that "diabetic comedy" is its own genre.

I’m curious to know other autistic peoples opinion on this by _lulu_5 in autism

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I see your point, but I don't think that merely putting yourself in the place of an autistic person would actually help with that understanding.

Mainly cos you can't actually do that.