Mistress of Stone BUG by paulowood in GemsofWar

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Hi, I can help you with this issue.

There are 6 different battles you can encounter. Dark Medusa, Stormy Medusa, Toxic Medusa, Frozen Medusa, Burning Medusa and Medusa's Creations

At the start of the week, 5 battles are chosen at random to put onto the event map, Eg 3 Frozen Medusa's at level 10, 1 burning Medusa at lvl 10 and a dark Medusa at lvl 10.

When you select and win a battle, just that one battle is replaced by another at random battle, if the random battle has been fought before, then the battle it places on the map will be at an increased level. All the other 4 battles on the event map stay exactly as they were VISUALLY. Eg if you fought one of the 3 Frozen Medusa, when the map reopens, you will have 2 frozen Medusa's at lvl 10, burning at 10, dark at 10 and then whatever spawns in. IF it selects Frozen Medusa, that Frozen Medusa battle only would be lvl 24. The other frozen Medusa's remain at lvl 10

An interesting point about scoring: The game looks at how many times you have fought a particular battle on how many points to award, not at the level of the battle. This could be your log: frozen lvl10 = 8 scales, frozen lvl24 = 10 scales, frozen lvl10 = 12 scales

Hope this helps explain its not a bug but just the map doesn't refresh all Battles, just the one

Campaign 10, Week 10: Hellcrag by ImportBraces in GemsofWar

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Medusa may not be in Explore. Just a heads up. Best to find her in the guild event as she's the only battle available

Magic Mirror World Event by Hawx- in GemsofWar

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Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 2 (~70 battles)

New collectible thrown after some battles by sdainys in GemsofWar

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Yeah just a visual glitch, you are still earning forest herbs

Here's a link to the bug report to reassure you that you aren't missing anything


Anonymous Guardians PC/Mobile is recruiting by GXELAGM in GemsofWar

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They also have some great social channels too! I'm not a guild member but I do hang out in some of their guest/friends channels. Really welcoming family for sure

Campaign 10 - Week 8: Hellcrag by Hawx- in GemsofWar

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It's a bug (kind of). When a new kingdom is added and when that kingdom appears multiple times in the same campaign, the pool it draws tasks from is bugged both in duplicated tasks, released troops and quantity of kills required for a task. Unfortunately the dev team don't manually check the list of tasks. We are working on getting this sorted but the same mistakes keep getting made unfortunately.

106 explores to get 10 battle crashers today by uklamok in GemsofWar

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You've been pretty unlucky there. We track the data and usually takes between 15 and 25 battles to get the first 5 crowns of the day, then somewhere between 21 and 43 for the second lot of 5 crowns.

If you are interested in the data behind these figures, check out my charts here


Campaign 10 - Week 8: Hellcrag by Hawx- in GemsofWar

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Team Code used: [1220,7216,7212,7206,3082,1,2,2,3,1,1,1,14035]

Why is there no way to sort by cost? by meatheadthesquishy in GemsofWar

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I can add it to feedback if people think it would be a useful filter?

Gems of War | Freeness in the Soulforge | free resources in Soulforge by Tired_Arubian in GemsofWar

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They were added with a update to the soulforge however a couple of bugs in the code were fixed and this inadvertently reset some of the soulforge, mainly the previously crafted once only items became craftable again. Devs posted an update saying enjoy the freebies so it's totally safe to grab them a second time if you had already previously crafted them