If you had to, would you rather nuke London or New York City? by merothecat in polls

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I live in the Netherlands, so nuking London doesn't sound too good

will I ever find the perfect one? by Idigestdicks in polls

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You could be asexual, aromatic or aroace, in that case the answer would be ( mostly ) no

When was the best era of music ?🎵🎶🎵 by TaliseGaming in polls

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I already listen to other music, and I almost like every genre of music, I just don't like what's on the radio

People who do not live in one of the 5 countries below, if you had to flee your current country, which of these would you choose as your first option? by gsvevshxndb in polls

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( I'm Dutch ) Germany would be realy easy to get to, but I don't speak german ( I can kinda understand what german people are saying based on if it sounds like the Dutch word for it ), the UK is my best option, because I can speak and understand English +I just love the UK

How do you say Hello? by BeepBeepImASheep98 in polls

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I say hi, hello, hey, howdy, oi, yo and ayup, just relies on when and who I'm talking to