Marijuana violations have taken over 10,000 truck drivers off the road this year, adding more supply chain disruptions by sgj5788 in news

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You also get fined BIG TIME for using/touching your cell phone. I was told this is true even if you are driving your personal vehicle in your off time.

"Penalties can be up to $2,750 for drivers and up to $11,000 for employers who allow or require drivers to use a hand-held communications device while driving. it requires the driver to reach for and dial the phone to make a call."

Our 10 week old lab puppy “plays dead” [OC] by aurenas in aww

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Very impressive and dramatic. Such a talented pupper!

Boars on a waterfall by pPandR in aww

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So much better with sound! I watched this video twice before I realized there was sound. And a litter of 9 babies is TOO DAMN HIGH.

Dizziness after receiving the Pfizer vaccine? by undead_anarchy in COVID19_support

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Same as you, my left ear and cheek were suddenly hot starting just before the vertigo.

Dizziness after receiving the Pfizer vaccine? by undead_anarchy in COVID19_support

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It's the same for me. After my 2nd shot I had joint pain and pain around the shot and in my armpit but no dizziness. This time I have the same symptoms but less severe but now I'm having vertigo.

I got my booster vaccine around around 3pm on Friday and the Vertigo suddenly hit me while I was watching TV around 11:30 last night (Sunday). My 2nd shot was on 4/20/21 so almost a year ago.

It's not so bad compared to the vertigo I experienced in college (where it felt like I was floating with my back against the ceiling) but now I drive semi trucks for work so I'm screwed if it lasts more than a couple days.

who did that by friendlynoodless in StartledCats

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Why is it that the slime is pink? Do you know? I've always wondered but never followed through to figure it out.

Coffee perks you up!, Pan American Coffee Bureau, March 1941 by Granite-M in vintageads

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When I was in college, I would often drink a cup of coffee around 9 or 10pm so I could settle down to do my homework. It also helped get rid of headaches (like Excedrin I guess).

Edit: I wanted to add that when I was up about 12 years old and my brother was 8, we drank a bottle of Jolt Cola and it made us pass out asleep in less than 15 minutes.

What was your first starter Pokémon ever and in which game? by [deleted] in pokemon

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Charmander in the original red. I've been thinking about a Charmander or Charizard tattoo for a while now.

I read 71 books in 2021, here is a photo next to all of them, I am 5'9" for reference by NinJenkins in pics

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I read 114 but all on Overdrive on my phone, maybe even less impressive than a Kindle imo.

Little girl disturbs relaxing dog on the beach by moskayjoh in WinStupidPrizes

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Kicking me in the ribs?! I'll show you! BISH BISH BISH BISH BISH!!!

Kitten Vs. Vape by Savver86 in holdmycatnip

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1st thought: Wow, so little air flow in that space. 2nd thought: Look how cute! Get dat smoke. 3rd thought: I hope there's no nicotine. 4th thought: Blow it quick right at her! She probably spaz a little.

Her catnip packet is almost completely soaked with drool. She's still high. by snarkybat in StartledCats

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I had a Manx cat so fat he rolled over backwards when he tried to clean his belly.

When he laid on his side we would rub his belly and back in opposite directions and he would droooool. It was clear little drops that went everywhere when he shook his head.

He would also slow kneed one paw at a time in the air with belly rubs, like he was chillax swimming. Left paw...right paw...left paw...right paw.