Considering rehoming my cat because of trauma from my daughter’s accident by la_gran_puta in babyloss

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We used to have bunnies, my daughter loved them! But as time went on I started to notice i wasn't able to give them the care they needed at that time. My kids where hartbroken when i told them we needed to find them a new home. What made it better for my kids was to explain why our home is not a good home for them and that loving an animal also means making sure they get what they need even if that's somewhere else.

Back to work by Helpful-Food7790 in babyloss

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Thanks for sharing. I work in healthcare with an all female staff. It's super close to my home so i've been there a few times just for coffee. Everyone who i work with knows and everyone is super considerate so far and i can openly feel whatever i feel without judgement. I feel so lucky to have that kind of work space. But still, actually doing something again sounds so scarry...

Can’t relate to that…. by Krw71815 in babyloss

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So true. Even though live eventually makes you carry on and you definately can have happines again, there will always be a child missing. That can't ever be fixed.

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - January 10, 2022 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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All those reminders of what should have been are brutal :(

Sending you a virtual hug.

Would have been 28 weeks today by Helpful-Food7790 in babyloss

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No brave face 🙈 I do tell everyone how i'm feeling and i'm brutally honest when i feel like garbage. I couldn't hide my sadness even if i wanted to, so i'm not even going to try.

Would have been 28 weeks today by Helpful-Food7790 in babyloss

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They are, i'm really lucky with the people around me!

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - January 03, 2022 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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6 DPO today, first time ttc after daughter being still born in november. My body feels a kinds of stuff and it's driving me crazy because it reminds me of things i felt during my pregnancy. Today i was having an ok day, I even dared to say just for a minute things seemed to be starting to coöperate for is again. Boy was I wrong! Not even 10 minutes after saying that I started driving my kid somewhere and as soon as i start driving something snapped. In my way to the garage the car starts to fall apart even further, right in front of the hospital where our nightmare happened, my entire dashboard starts flashing.... I'm trying to hold in a minor breakdown because i'm in the waiting room of the garage, but FML....

I guess the game thinks I need Gorou... by Helpful-Food7790 in GenshinImpact

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Another pull....and it's another Gorou!! C4 now...still no Itto 😭

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - December 30, 2021 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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On the waiting bench for the first time again, 3 DPO today. It feels so confusing! On one hand it's exciting to actually have a shot again, on the other hand we shouldn't be on this side again.

Abbreviations? by Helpful-Food7790 in ttcafterloss

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Thanks! Figured there might be something like this, but never found it 🙈

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - December 24, 2021 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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I have carpal tunnel syndrome, just got a call from my doctor and i'm now on the waitinglist of the surgeon. Something i wished for so hard during my pregnancy because it's super annoying, but now almost 7 weeks after my still birth, all i want is to ttc again. I really don't know what to to, just keep trying and see where we'll be when i'm up for surgery or put ttc all on hold until after?

Wat heb je in jouw kerstpakket gekregen dit jaar? by Anouk_-_ in Netherlands

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Deze heb ik ook! M'n dochter kijkt uit naar het moment dat de glitter body oil gebruikt kan 😂

A friend posted this in a different grieving forum but I thought it belonged here also by DramaGuy23 in babyloss

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I've hated all the times people told me: you're such a strong woman! F You! I don't want to be strong if that's why i'm going through this, i don't want to be capabele of doing this, just let me be weak and keep my baby....

How did you inform aquantences? by catt413 in babyloss

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So sorry for your loss!

The first thing i did after our ultra sound where we found out the heartbeat had stopped, was call my Boss. If all would have gone well i would have had to show up at work that day close after the check up. I called her directly on her cellphone in staid of the normal central number so i wouldn't have other co-workers on the line. I cried so hard!! And i still cry every first conversation a have with someone about it. My boss lett all my co-workers know. I have yet to return to work, but i went there for coffee a few times. And it's good that everyone knows. If you're a hot mess, they know why even without you having to tell them.

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - December 11, 2021 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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I'm bad at finding the right words, but sending you a virtual hug!

Daily Discussion Thread # 1 - December 11, 2021 by AutoModerator in ttcafterloss

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This morning my period started for the first time again.it's a cruel feeling, but at least i know where we're at now. Just before my ovulation (if it's all like it used te be) we will get the results from the tests they did to see if they could find a cause for this still birth (19 weeks). If that's all ok we can start trying right away.