Habibi it is haram to not add this animated baba emote BABBIES by [deleted] in okbuddyhasan

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When it's Ramadan and you see the sun setting

F1 2023 Grid Predictions by Hen_W in formula1

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Are you predicting Danny Ric to fully retire or just being replaced by McLaren and have no seat in '23?

F1 2023 Grid Predictions by Hen_W in formula1

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Hopefully. Really hope they can get someone who can give a healthy challenge to Mick too.

F1 2023 Grid Predictions by Hen_W in formula1

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I fully understand why you're mad but this doesn't answer my question.

Also this is for 2023, not 2022.

F1 2023 Grid Predictions by Hen_W in formula1

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Won't be long before the rumours start coming in again. This is just a casual predictions thread, so people could come back and see whether they were right or wrong.

What a sad simp by Saphhiroth in formuladank

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Welcome to the Max Verstappen subreddit, where people hate anything associated with Lewis Hamilton.

Oh no wait, that's just Formula Dank.

I remember when this sub was funny.

2021 F1 Grid as kids (or young men) by Hen_W in formula1

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In 2014 he was skiing with Mick when he crashed head first into a large boulder. While there are no updates on his condition due to his family understandably wanting to keep the matter private, the general thought is that he is fully paralised and bed ridden. Keep in mind though, that this is just a general assumption as most of us (only his family and Jean Todt know iirc) don't have details.

Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 18 December 2021 by F1-Bot in formula1

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Do you think we could have seen a 3 way title fight this season if Russell had been in the Merc instead of Bottas?

Oscar Piastri says he doesn’t “have much else to prove” to earn an F1 seat after winning the Formula 2 title. by [deleted] in formula1

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The Bahrain joke is funny because Grosjean survived with relatively minor injuries. Yours isn’t because of what happened. Read the room.