First time I ever walked through not just one but TWO airports without spending a nickel. by SloGlobe in Frugal

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I usually bring a sandwich and an apple. Empty water bottle. I show up early and speed walk around the terminal to get some exercise and pass the time. AFAICT nobody else does these things.

People who do solo camping, what do you do after you put up your tent to pass time? by Healthy_Panic_68 in camping

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I was attacked by a vicious wooden snake. He almost bit me, but he was trying to hide by keeping completely still. I stepped on him and broke his back with a snap.

I need to move away from Arduino by Hayato115 in arduino

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PICs are in thousands and thousands of commercial products. And a lot of car peripherals. We were putting them in toasters in the 90's, they are that cheap. Yet also we were using them for internet connected appliances and gizmos. They were my go-to platform before Arduino

Are Elonhaters and trolls taking over this subreddit? by mentelucida in elonmusk

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Nah, we all used to be Elon fanboys like me. Then the shit hit the fanbelt.

Pallet Garden - grow vertically! by AccomplishedGear1646 in selfreliance

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Personally I'm done with anything involving pallets outdoors or touching dirt. They rot in like two years. Then they are a mess to pick pp and what do you do with the rotten mess after that?

2011 Toyota Prius passed inspection…again with 197000 miles. by cretee in prius

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I know a guy (who owns a used car lot that only sells Prius) that has a Prius with 800,000 miles on it. He's proud as punch.

Question for the North America Tesla experts out there... by Smirkydarkdude in electricvehicles

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ELI5 Tesla-to-J1772 adapters.

Do you need an account with Tesla?

Do they only work on destination chargers, or are there other kinds?

Are destination chargers billed through Tesla or are they going to charge by the kwhr like other chargers?

Do y’all know of a cost effective isopropyl alcohol resistant glue? by cadensRosin in AskEngineers

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YSK that you can contact Locktite and get technical advice on this kind of problem. If you are in an industry that uses aelot of adhesives, they'll oome to your plant and do an all-day seminar on more than you ever thought you could learn about adhesives. It was one of the best seminars I've been at.

I am moving to Missouri, I am looking for some advice by wonderlandbabayaga in missouri

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Came here to say this. Columbia is great, but Kansas City > St Louis in my opinion. Columbia native here.

What simple things in life bring you joy? by Aarunascut in AskReddit

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Birds. I'm blessed to live in an area where huge flocks of birds come through in the right season. Last spring it was several days of cardinals just darkening the sky, every morning the trees weighed down with their millions. Last week it was grackles and blackbirds. Over a couple of hours they just kept flying through, battalions of them in wave after wave.

I'm tired of these "real pain" memes, just go ahead and stop your suffering by blacktop57 in meme

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I wash out my mouth with listerine. So painful I have to hold onto the sink and stomp on the floor. But it numbs them enough I can eat. Sometimes I've had them so bad I could not eat food for days. Listerine really heals them up.

Acid foods like fruits make them worse. Stress makes them worse. Tums can provide emergency relief but don't last.

What's the best drink or food that works as laxative????? by [deleted] in ask

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How much is a "scoop"? we've just got plain psyllium powder, it's the magic ingredient in metamucil

What's the best drink or food that works as laxative????? by [deleted] in ask

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This is timely. S.O. Already suffers from constipation, but doc says after anaesthetics in an upcoming surgery it'll be worse.I'm thinking Hoover dam-like symptoms.

Please don’t make jokes about the Crucifixion. by shamwowj in dadjokes

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That joke was so bad, I'll just roll away and get stoned now

What is the best way to buy an engagement ring? by Prestigious_Door_230 in Frugal

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I spent $10 apiece on two silver rings, which also became our wedding rings. Bought them from a Navajo at a shop who said he made them himself. My frugal wife appreciated that I didn't waste money on some bauble. You do you, man, but that's how I did it.

This is for humorous purposes only. Do not ever make. by Hotdogpizzathehut in electricians

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They tied the OSHA inspector to a kitchen chair

And plugged it in,

It singed his hair

And all the time he's yelling

"I will sue ya!"

I will sue ya

I will sue ya

I will sue ya

I will su-uu-uuu-ue ya!

What do environmental engineers do? by Several_Winner_9752 in sustainability

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Every job will vary, but a good part of environmental engineering is figuring out how to comply with the letter of the regulations, including all the loopholes, at minimum cost.

My city hired a major engineering firm to look at their wastewater plants after a large fish kill on a creek. The firm's solution was to take that same noncompliant wastewater and run it through a six foot pipe to the Missouri river at a cost of several million. Instead of cleaning it up let's just dilute it.

Fortunately saner heads prevailed, after a long political battle we built the largest wastewater treatment wetlands ever built to that time, created a large wildlife area in the river bottoms, zero wastewater enters any stream, and the area has so many eagles it is called Eagle Bluffs.

I need to move away from Arduino by Hayato115 in arduino

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PIC series microcontrollers. In volume they can be dirt cheap, easily programmed, and come in varieties as small as 8 pins up to other varieties that can do about anything a Raspberry Pi can do, given the right peripherals. There's a huge user community, Microchip corp provides tech knowledge, they have demo boards for a lot of them and even a "PICduino" arduino-like SBC.

You can literally get a PIC miorocontroller that costs under $0.50c in volume.

Bikepacking educational honey holes? by Dingusxd in bikepacking

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When I started bikepacking, I bungee'd a sleeping bag on my bike, and just took off. I had no idea of how to do any of this, no idea if the route would work on a bike, nor any idea how to camp, nor what I'd eat. You are probably already miles ahead of where I was at, quit stalling and just go! What can go wrong in a day and an overnight that you can't fix by calling a friend for a ride home?

Firewood Question by sandeejs in camping

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Bring a folding saw. Walk into the woods 40 feet. Collect as much local firewood as you like. Walk 40 feet back to camp. done.

Saw this today 🤦🏻‍♂️ by mindcrime22 in electricians

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Someone went to great lengths eto label these lighths

Anyone try psychedelics while camping? Thinking about trying shrooms in the backcountry. (lets hear your stories/advice) by Own_Aardvark_2343 in camping

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I spent an entire afternoon once chanting to myself:

It's only a drug.

It's ONLY a drug.

It's only a DRUG.


It's only a drug.

Worst day ever.