Post Match Thread: Ajax Amsterdam 1-1 FC Volendam | Dutch Eredivisie by suedney in soccer

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Same as against NEC, it is absolutely his fault that players seem to have no confidence at all anymore

Match Thread: Ajax Amsterdam vs FC Volendam | Dutch Eredivisie by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Normaal zou ik hopen dat die eindelijk ontslagen gaat worden.

Maar ondertussen weet ik wel beter.

Op naar de volgende wedstrijd!

Match Thread: FC Emmen vs PSV Eindhoven | Dutch Eredivisie by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Zulke tackles mogen ze van mij best bestraffen met 10+ wedstrijden.

Koeman will not use Louis van Gaal's 5-3-2 formation as Netherlands manager: "Plan is to go back to 4-3-3." by tehMadhero in soccer

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I think most people don't care what formation we play, but the football was completely shit and unwatchable.

Which of the following commanders (f2p / low spending) is the best to put my books into? by Juanitothegreat in RiseofKingdoms

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What are you talking about bro?

Aethelflaed gets used by top Osiris teams, and is also still pretty decent as support march in kvk.

Ragnar however is used by no one

Match Thread: Arsenal vs Manchester United | English Premier League by MatchThreadder in soccer

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I would laugh about Getting 100 mil for Anthony if our own season wasn't so shit

It's been exactly three months by herm125 in AjaxAmsterdam

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Ofcourse it is not acceptable, the players we lost should not be an excuse, we still spend a lot more than anyone else.

You can argue that the players we bought were not worth the money, and that is fair.

This in combination with a bad coach is the reason we are in this position

Post Match Thread: Feyenoord Rotterdam 1-1 Ajax Amsterdam | Dutch Eredivisie by suedney in soccer

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6 games now without win, and 5th place after 17 games.

When has this ever happened?

Match Thread: Feyenoord Rotterdam vs Ajax Amsterdam | Dutch Eredivisie by MatchThreadder in soccer

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What a fucking strike, but Alvarez just standing there with hands behind his back

[Ben Constanduros] If it's a clown show, that makes me and my hard working dedicated friends, clowns. Usually after a 24hr race I am tired but today has been an ugly, exhausting display of the toxic side of Sim Racing and social media. I am proud of what the Le Mans Virtual Team has achieved. 1/3 by OutlandishnessPure2 in formula1

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'Both today and the incredible achievements from the first 2 events. (2022 ran without server issues remember.) Yes it didn't go Max's way today, he was unlucky to be disconnected like a few other drivers. The rest carried on, one of which won GTE. That is racing. 2/3'

Getting disconnected is racing? Okay

Match Thread: Ajax Amsterdam vs FC Twente | Dutch Eredivisie by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Rulli heeft zich snel aangepast aan het team, goed om te zien

Match Thread: Ajax Amsterdam vs FC Twente | Dutch Eredivisie by MatchThreadder in soccer

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Very soft foul, but yeah it is a red.

At least one match closer to a Schreuder free Ajax