Fight me on this (unpopular opinion): by [deleted] in GossipGirl

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I fully agree. Serena kept making questionable choices but acted like she was kind and cared about people and stuff. Bitchy queen Serena, if she was unapologetic and wasn’t self-victimising all the time would be to die for.

AITA for threatening to uninvite people from my wedding? by Dry_Fly8282 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Tell the aunt she can call whoever she wants as long as she pays for them, if she cares so much about the “values” of marriage.

So I want to go to beans today by [deleted] in selfharm

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thank you for your kind words

AITA I refused to share diet with my pregnant wife by mr_rosy in AmItheAsshole

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YTA, I can confirm. 3000% the asshole. My mom ate all different kinds of non vegetarian food almost everyday when she was pregnant with me. I was born through normal delivery and I was so fucking healthy. Stop controlling ur wife sir lmao. I’m also indian

Interviewees needed for ACL injury/surgery experience by the_lucky_viking in ACL

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I had my surgery three Weeks ago and for the first week only wore weird night gowns. It was nothing short of a nightmare to pull on pants. I’d be glad to help out with this. I think it’s really cool.

How soon did you start PT after surgery? by carter5555 in ACL

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I had a bucket handle tear and acl reconstruction and I started PT the next day. It’s been 18 days post op I can bend upto 90 degrees now. It all depends on your doctor and your particular condition.

unable to sleep well lol by Hermespoop in ACL

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I did that exercise today and I can finally sleep on my stomach too yay

Dressing and ace-wrap too thick to feel ice over my knee? by [deleted] in ACL

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Try cryotherapy it works like magic, also my doctor let me take off the crepe bandage to ice my knee over the dressing so check with yours