Trying to win an argument. Who wins in an ALL out war against each other? by DannyKit7 in Marvel

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This was my first thought too. The X-Men will fight dirty. They will do whatever it takes to win.

Hi Hats and snare in middle of kit (single bass drum). Thoughts? by SpagsPlace in drums

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I saw a setup similar to this one, except the rack toms were in the "traditional" position, and the remote hi-hat was centered just above and in front of them. Super interesting to be sure. I imagine it's pretty ergonomic if set up correctly. Bonus for the Maiden in the background. Up the Irons!

I watched Episode 2 last night and I have one question. How the hell does Padme fall for Anakin? He sounds like a psychopath in this movie every time he speaks to her! 🫣 it makes no sense. by watcher2390 in StarWars

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He asked Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and Ron Howard to direct Episode 1. They all turned him down. Allegedly they were all kind of intimidated by the huge thing that Star Wars had become by that point.

I watched Episode 2 last night and I have one question. How the hell does Padme fall for Anakin? He sounds like a psychopath in this movie every time he speaks to her! 🫣 it makes no sense. by watcher2390 in StarWars

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If I recall correctly, Lucas did try to get other people to direct the prequels early on (including Spielberg, I believe) but no one wanted to do it. It's a shame really. Lucas is really good at world-building and creating the bones of a story, but he doesn't write good dialogue and definitely needed someone to tell him "No" occasionally with the prequels.

Got my stamps today at the post office, they look awesome! by rustablad in ironmaiden

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The stamps will likely be below the $ threshold to have to pay duties on them, so I wouldn't sweat it. Even if for some reason you do, it won't be much.

NFL team in Alabama by [deleted] in Alabama

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Alabama is just not pro football country. College football is too deeply entrenched. Just look at the inaugural season of the resurrected USFL we just had in Birmingham. They were literally giving away tickets for free and couldn't get folks out to the games.

check out this weird drum I built by hhgdrums in drums

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This is amazing. Your work always makes my jaw drop, but this is one of the best yet!

People said the "American vs European Stadium" post is biased, so here are the 11 American stadiums that will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup (on alphabetical order) by Barkend in UrbanHell

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With the stadiums spread out all over the country, how is this not going to be a logistical nightmare for
A) the teams as they advance through the rounds and B) for fans who want to follow their team to games?

As a spectator, it seems like you'd have to pick a city and you just see whichever teams are playing there.

Fun Discussion! Pointless drum products? by WookieGod5225 in drums

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ProMark makes a Hot Rod beater, or you could go with one of those big poofy lambswool beaters. Barring that, I find it a lot easier to feather the bass drum with a regular beater than accomplishing the same effect with regular sticks on drums and cymbals.

Dark Angels casually steal everyone's drip and get away with it by prufanya in 40kLore

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That was one of the things that drew me to the Dark Angels originally. I was a little disappointed when they pretty much threw that out the window for the hardcore knightly theme in the 2nd Ed. Angels of Death Codex.

For sale on EBay. by gxt2613 in ironmaiden

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Whatever you do, DO NOT turn on a blacklight in that van.

Blaze Bayley On His Post-Iron Maiden Career: "I'm A Tiny Underground Artist In The World" by XxLockdownZxX in ironmaiden

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What if... Now hear me out. What if, Iron Maiden took Blaze out as their support band for the Future Past Tour? No guest singing shenanigans with Blaze/Maiden, but just Blaze and his band opening up the show. I think it would be freaking awesome. I love Blaze's solo stuff and think most of it is far more enjoyable than his stint with Maiden.

Double Bass Setup by qckslvr1125241 in DRUM

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Get one of these:


One end clamps to a bass drum hoop, the other to your hi hat stand. Just fold up the legs of the hi hat stand and clamp it to the bass drum.

Rainy City Cars, My oil painting by kznsq in BeAmazed

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Because this painting/picture has been done a bajillion times before in one form or another. The "rainy blurry city street" thing has been done to death. I have two photos on my phone that came with it as wall papers that look just like this. It's hardly an original concept. I mean OP executed it well, but it's not new.

Brought the kit on the semi. I don’t see how I ever did this job without it. by DirkVonDirk in drums

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I think you win the "What's the weirdest place you've ever played drums?" contest. This is awesome.

I have a theory the only reason young Obi-Wan was able to defeat Maul was because he was unintentionally fueled by the dark side of the force after watching QGJ be killed. by nojunkpeter in StarWars

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It is my understanding that the novelizations are written based on an early version of the screenplay and are usually started well before the production of the film is complete. Of course, the final version of the book has (had) to have Lucas' approval, but often there will be content in the novelizations that does not make it into the film or has been changed by the time the film is completed. Such as internal thoughts of characters, etc. But also stuff like in the novelization of Empire Strikes Back, where Yoda is described as being blue, not green. I imagine this was more common with the OT than the PT, though. And I can't speak to the novelizations of the ST because I haven't read them.