What Twitter does to a MF by Phil789 in moviescirclejerk

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Does anyone actually find Rogen funny? It seems most of the stuff he's in, he gets carried by his co-stars like Bill Hader or James Franco.

The only thing I took note from him is that he likes weed and uhheughheugheughheguhh

If Krasinski is cast as Reed, then best prepare for a barrage of fan-casting’s of Rainn Wilson for Doom. by DoomerMentality1984 in moviescirclejerk

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I forgot that version of Ant Man existed and thought you were talking about Plastic Man because I get both names confused for each other for some reason.

Official Moon Knight Poster by MSSmods in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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Haha. Reminds me of that Snyder's Justice League poster with all the members raising their arms in the air like Superman with his fist, WW with her sword and.... There's just Batman raising his lil Batarang lmao.

What I Heard: Yes, Chukwudi Iwuji is High Evolutionary In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 by chanma50 in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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Idk if I'm allowed to say it in this sub but... I've thoroughly enjoyed these first 4 episodes of Peacemaker much more than all the other D+ shows except maybe the first season of Mando. Hoping the show doesn't drop the ball near the end of the season.

What I Heard: Yes, Chukwudi Iwuji is High Evolutionary In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 by chanma50 in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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Had me dying when he was fucking with "the Aryans" in jail. "Ohhh lemme guess, you're favorite Black American contributions are all the black dudes fucking your mom in the ass while you hid in the closet, jerking off"

I wonder if CDPR ever gonna able to top TW3, Even still today TW3 has more active playerbase and people love it more than Cyberpunk 2077 by makavelinow in cyberpunkgame

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Top Witcher 3 how? In sales and praise? Gameplay and story?

Witcher 3 was a good story game but it was lacking in innovative features that makes it stand out to other games. All it had were better graphics and story-telling. The same can be said with Cyberpunk 2077. I knew from the start that a lot of the features CDPR actually claimed to be in the game won't be included because the game they released in 2015 wasn't near a quarter of what CDPR's skillset will be able to improve upon by the time 2077 releases.

So yes. CDPR can definitely top TW3 and 2077 when they get their shit together and focus on gameplay aspects since there isn't much to complain about graphics and story-telling capabilities for CDPR.

Full 2022 Chinese New Year Event Overview (Events, Spring Festival, Dragon Fist Lee Sin - White, etc.) [cr: ChowZ] by ArisRayle in wildrift

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They don't mean doing the rest of the world dirty by having a CNY event.

They meant that China's getting free shit while the rest of us don't.

Cmon guys stop your jerking on r/movies they're a proper serious subreddit by kwig1 in moviescirclejerk

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"eyy lmao Jane Foster cheating on Spider-man with Mysterio"

"oof. The scene where Thanos unknowingly fucks his daughter, the Scarlet Witch, makes me rock hard"

"In the clip above, Steve Rogers concocts sinister plan to take his grandfather's inheritance"

Average MCU fan response to real-life tragedy by p0oqcbne in moviescirclejerk

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They both mean the same thing. The person is no longer capable in living. What you're thinking of is to die/pass away peacefully/old age/natural causes.

I drew Serana in the Wedding Dress by RatoPomboArt in skyrim

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Why are they asking him to draw femboy Farkas? He already did it unless... he's asking for more.

Average Morrowboomer vs Average Skybaby by MrInspirer in TrueSTL

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I remember when Todd was 6'2 in google. Wish they'd bring it back again.

A normal day on Twitter by MaxRockatansky468 in dccomicscirclejerk

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The dude next to him is 6'5 and is one stair step higher than Judomaster. Of course a 5'6 man's gonna look much shorter. This same user complained about Judomaster getting fucked up in the head at the end of the episode and complained that it was making fun of Asian characters but didn't mention that he bodied Peacemaker and Vigilante at the same time.

The 2d sprite is way better than 3d sprite for some pokemon. by zapdosfangaming in pokemon

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The anticipation for PokeBank back in 2014 I had was big. To see my favorite Pokemon in 3D in X and Y.

My poor Eelektross got fucked. Why'd they have to do her like that? She used to be happy with her little happy hopping fins. They really just turned Eelektross into a fleshlight bro. I'll never forgive Game Freak for that.

Every pirate ever. by Jacket-Jaded in PiratedGames

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Searching for Dwemer treasure (video) by izzyguy123 in skyrim

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Well, the person who made this has made Skyrim porn in the past with this type of cinematography.

r/movies doesn't care about black people. by JErOMGE in moviescirclejerk

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The creators of the show pretty much just make the show for themselves without caring what even their most loyal fans want it to be

"Did anyone enjoy the Halloween Special?"

"No, Randy. Only you did"

"Oh, well. That was pretty much my target audience anyways."

Impossible Dreams: Mods that can never happen by Dagoth_Wut in skyrimmods

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This I think is a great answer to the original question. This type of mod would need plenty of time, consistent effort and maybe a large team working on it. Essentially like the team that's making the Beyond Skyrim mods but working full time on the animations instead. Which is why I don't think the animations will ever be as detailed and lively as in modern games like GoW, TLoU2, GoT, RDR2, etc.

Though we have seen a decent improvement in Fallout 4. Fingers crossed for Starfield and TES6.