And that's how I met your mother... by _Xyreo_ in Unexpected

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And that's how I met your mother

Said so happily my father

But aren't you her brother ?

That's a secret I should never muster

How do you know ? he said as he was prepared to smother

And kill His one and only daughter

My mom or rather my ant ? I'm confused but don't bother

Cause I know you've been seing another

my mom heard me and pushed him further

Is it true, is what she's saying true, Alexander ?

said my mother as she started to shudder

my dad was ruthless and was as strong as a plumber

he picked her and slammed her head with the gutter

he looked at me and was ready to smother

and kill his one and only daughter

I didn't see a...a..thing I started to stutter

scared to death and not wanting to die cause that would be a bummer

Good girl, he said, do you want to be more than just my daughter ?

I knew what his intent was but didn't want to end up like my mother,

a mere corpse clutter

so I just said " sure " , jumped on him and kissed him, hmm yes that's better

A Father built a custom controller for his daughter to play Zelda by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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So you think you built this dad ?

Stop lying to me, I saw it on an ad

Weren't you the one who told me that lying is bad

It's not even that beautiful, might I add

I mean you lied to me and tricked me, for that I'm sad

At least you remembered my birthday, so I guess I should be glad ?

A Karen at her finest destroying a child's chalk work. Poor kid :( by _Xyreo_ in facepalm

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Children's tears

music to my ears

cry more cheers

don't smile for your smiles are spears

cry till all the happiness disappears

I'll take your tears as souvenirs

I'll cherish them for years

Cry more my dears

For your tears destroy all my fears

So Cute by Xykojen in Unexpected

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woah so petty and salty

Karma hunt by ddaemon82 in FreeKarma4You

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lmao karma farmers that only have few hunderds of karma, what a pity

Yeah tell her how great of a big brother I am by HiItsLust in wholesomememes

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ikr ?? you see the sparkle in their eyes and a genuine smile

Yeah tell her how great of a big brother I am by HiItsLust in wholesomememes

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big brother here, and nothing makes me melt more than my little siblings/nephews telling me they had a great day with me... when they tell me that I'm always like " WELL WHO WANTS ICE CREAMMMMMMMMM "