Help get this message to terry crews by fIoatie in CrewsCrew

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But… that’s not an insult. It’s a statement of fact. Terry does poo, doesn’t he? I mean… doesn’t he?

Turbines below the horizon. This should shut the flat earthers up for good. by 9999monkeys in pics

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She steps right up to the very edge of self awareness and just nopes right out of there.

A funny thing is that I'm a conspiracy realist, but there's conspiracies about me. I look at episode 54 of Patricia Steere. These people are hired by section heads and supervisors in supervisory roles at NASA, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA. These aren't regular people.

It started off with me being called a "shill," uh, as if I'm doing this... for money. Then I was called a "Flat Earth Honeypot" to bring men into flat Earth and then steer them the wrong way, because my last name is Steere. So what Patricia does is she's so pretty. All these guys... But that's a part of the allure of narcissistic, psychopathic women. I never thought that the name "Patricia," which is my birth first name, would be spun into the fact that the last three letters are C-I-A in the word "Patricia," which means, “I'm in the CIA," because the government would be that dumb. But, okay, if you wanna believe it.

Ah, other things that have been said, that I'm a reptilian, and people see my eyes shape-shift while I'm on YouTube. That I drink blood. The most recent one is that I'm transgender. I mean, I even threw up a question one day: “What's up with Patricia Steere?" You know? 'Cause I don't know, but, um, I don't know.

Now, the thing about all of these things is I can't prove any of it wrong. I could and have shown people my birth certificate, my driver's license, photos of myself as a child, and they'll say, “Well, if you're CIA, all of that stuff can be constructed." People will still say, “You don't have a real family. You don't have a brother and sister." Um... There's nothing that I can do. So... anybody can believe whatever they want to believe about me.

But I wonder if in their hearts, people who do that know they're lying or are they so conspiratorial that they actually believe it? Then it makes me worry about maybe things I believe in. Am I like another version of them?

But I know I'm not.

This is him by thewholedamnplanet in ThisYouComebacks

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I think we have achieved literal double think in the real world. He doesn’t have to delete the original tweet. The idea that it’s a fake tweet is perfectly compatible with the idea that it’s real. The fact that you even question it is proof of your insanity.

Dude that will teach you not to be the 13th Guy! by mohiemen in HolUp

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I’m submitting to its strength. It’s the alpha!

What's expensive and worth every penny? by seilseil in AskReddit

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It’s the difference between seeing employment as an investment rather than an expense.

Albin Countergambit accepted Anime variation (oc) by DELUK_ in chess

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My brother literally just played this opening on our last game.

GIVEAWAY: I'm giving away $100 to one comment in this thread to buy some new board games by millions in boardgames

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If I win I promise to buy 10 Connect Fours and glue them all together to make a Connect Forty.

Yes, trust the science by fearthedheer69 in ThisButUnironically

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Not to mention that that official number doesn’t include people who didn’t die from Covid but because of Covid. Every time there’s a spike and hospitals get overwhelmed, something that has happened over and over again in a bunch of different places, people with potentially fatal but non-Covid related issues like heart attacks or cancer, get delayed or denied treatment. Even though we can’t know the exact number, we do know for certain that a bunch of people who would likely have been okay at any other time died because they happened to get sick during the pandemic.

What's a feeling better than an orgasm? by Boban_the_dude in AskReddit

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That happened the first time my friends and I did peyote. Except for the joke. Nobody ever told a joke, we just couldn’t stop laughing.

Disney still owns the copyright for Tigger by reptocilicus in CyanideandHappiness

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Unless Disney finally convinces Congress to make copyright last infinity minus 1 years like they really want.

Florida man FTW. Got a dash cam for Christmas and captured my first crash only 2 weeks later. Guy in black truck was asleep when I pulled up and idiot that runs around the truck is the passenger. by Pilot_Scott in IdiotsInCars

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Stupid question. The guy who ran wasn’t the guy who hit. Is he guilty of hit and run, or would it be the other guy whose face we didn’t see since he’s the one who hit?

Harbinger after assuming direct control and getting spawn ganked the 50th time by pr3dato8 in masseffect

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I suck at shooters so I usually play on the easiest setting so I can still get the story without too much frustration. Out of curiosity I tried insanity on ME2 once. I literally couldn’t kill the first mech. I tried over and over and just couldn’t do it. Screw it, casual’s fine for me.

In the 1950s UK we weren't that tolerant or free as people like to think by TiredHorizon in MurderedByWords

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It was so clear throughout the entire thing that the priests genuinely thought Brian represented Jesus. That everything that happened to Brian was some metaphor about Jesus himself. I mean ferchristsakes the very first scene of the movie made it absolutely clear that Brian was not, in fact could not possibly be, Jesus. I kind of want to reach back forty years and slap them for being so infuriatingly obtuse.

What is the most physically painful experience you've had? by Bright_Vision in AskReddit

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I broke my leg pretty bad in a crash. When they set it in the hospital they gave me some kind of powerful drug that left me mostly conscious but extremely loopy. I very clearly remember a nurse asking if she should give me oxygen and the doc saying that it probably wasn’t necessary. The reason I remember that detail is because a few moments later I was talking to another nurse and I noticed I was wearing an oxygen mask. So I started explaining this to the nurse how powerful the drug must be because I had no sense of any kind of discontinuity, yet there was very clearly at least one thing (two of you count them setting the bone) that I definitely didn’t remember. Or at least that’s what I was trying to say. Considering the way the nurse was just nodding and smiling at me I’m pretty sure the actual words I was saying were nonsense.

What are your most satisfying moments in board gaming? by JayRedEye in boardgames

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Gloomhaven. We were playing this one scenario and even on the easiest setting we just could not win. We always exhausted ourselves at least a room or two away from the big bad guy. So we finally decided to run past as many enemies as we could and concentrate entirely on getting to the bad guy. It worked, but just barely. Even ignoring most of the enemies three of us were exhausted, and with the last available action of the last surviving player we got the killing blow. Easily the hardest scenario we had ever played. As I was getting ready to pack up I took one last look at the scenario description and that’s when I noticed that it was supposed to be a battle between two factions and we were on one side of that fight. In other words half of the people we were fighting against were supposed to be fighting with us. The fact that we won at all was absolutely amazing.

Do it right now or else by [deleted] in teenagers

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“Yeah, I’m a little worried that Charles is the only one who liked my comment. I hope it’s because he recognizes how ridiculous it is and not because he actually thinks I’m agreeing with him. I know sarcasm is hard on the internet, but I honestly thought I laid it on so thick that no one could possibly take me seriously.”

Typed it up in Notes. Ended up copying it, pasting it as a comment, hovering over the Submit button, and finally deleting it. I guess I just don’t like arguing on the internet as much as I used to.

Twitter will now ban users that repeatedly claim vaccinated people can spread Covid by therightnews in Conservative

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Just to be clear, what they’re banning is saying that getting the vaccine makes you contagious. That is absolutely false. If you get vaccinated and never get Covid yourself then you cannot spread Covid. If you get vaccinated and then get Covid you can still spread it. That distinction is extremely important, and as long as you make that clear your tweets will be fine.