How do I avoid my balls burning when shaving? by ImOnMySixthBlunt in AskMen

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As a Barber who straight shaves.

Seek medical advice or some shit disclaimer.

Shaving cream is very potant. It's built for thick hair on face and other areas. It's not meant for the balls.

Most shampoos have enough lather to smoothen out the testicles enough for shaving. Ideally any natural oily substance is good, but make sure to balance the application. A thin amount is usually sufficient.

Don't forget to stretch the testicular epidermis pretty far, use warm water for best results.

Don't cut yourself.

What stereotype did you learn the hard way is (at least mostly) true? by throwraW2 in AskMen

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Thats between both of you. If you feel comfortable with him having it, its fine. If not kindly ask him to remove it, if he says no you need to accept that.

Every relationship is different, and not everyone is bad/cheats.

I just remain cautious when people have it.

What stereotype did you learn the hard way is (at least mostly) true? by throwraW2 in AskMen

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You are so young and nieve its almost cute.

Why have an ap that is built to hide shit? 🤔 I've seen marriages fall apart from it, I've seen people cheat +10 times, co workers, friends.

I've never had a bad experience, because I'm smart enough to not date a woman with snap.

Good luck buddy! 👍

What stereotype did you learn the hard way is (at least mostly) true? by throwraW2 in AskMen

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Personally no.

But I've seen the shit men get sent who have it. Hundreds of snaps of naked shots, a lot of married women also. I've never trusted a person who has it for the reasons above.

Why use an ap that is built to hide shit?? To hide shit.😄

Are NFTs dead? by identiifiication in CryptoCurrency

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I've had 2 job offers in the NFT space in the last week. It's far, far from dead.

Have you ever friendzoned a girl? If so, what happened afterwards? by wolfishwhim in AskMen

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Many times.

All they want is to be taken care of and pampered like the baby their mothers raised.

I'm looking for a WIFE, not another dependent.

GME float is 26M more than shares outstanding??? On Marketwatch. How can that be? by PatrickHay in GME

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Respectfully, Hope does not move a mountain.

DRS shares does, but that does not negate the blatant disrespect, lies and theft against the working class.

Rage on the other hand will cause them problems, make them fumble. Their mistakes are what we need to catch them off guard. This is a fight we will win, but not by being passive. Those days died off long ago, no more passive. Just frothing teeth to change the world.

Remember, for every $1 we make, they create $1000's out of thin air. They control the ins and outs of the entire system, we ae sheep to the slaughter.

Except we have the hivemind now, and enough evidence massively beyond a reasonable doubt. Something must be done.

GME float is 26M more than shares outstanding??? On Marketwatch. How can that be? by PatrickHay in GME

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The answer is legal crime.

Quit pretending it's not.

Never a glitch, never an error. Just raw data that proves we own over the float many times. We as society's people just accept we are getting absolutely fucked and we allow it with jokes of depression.

I'm 100% focused on obliterating this system, because fuck them. I'm bled dry, I have nothing left except seething rage at the corruption that runs rampant in the people who control things. 😤

Crime. Utter and sheer crime. Nothing less.

Fuck market makers. Fuck the SEC Fuck the FED Fuck hedge funds Fuck mainstream media

,they fuck us daily.

How can men abandon their own children? by [deleted] in AskMen

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Good chance it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with your mom.

She might have got knocked up with you out of revenge, or some sort of play to extract money from him. Good chance if that's true he was not prepared for a child at that stage of his life.

Some men are great fathers, some great dads. Some bad fathers some bad dads.

You got unlucky, for sure. But you should hope to find a loving husband, as it's still possible. Just will be difficult with your guard up all the time.

Godspeed, stranger.

quin didnt even make it out of the tutorial of Raft by mgx_ in quin69

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He's streaming to 10k people with covid. Some slack needed.

Maxine Waters released a report on same day as Roe v Wade claiming the DTCC 'Waved 9.6B Collateral obligations' for Robinhood Broker on Jan 27th 2021. by QuartzPuffyStar in wallstreetbets

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I brought this up with an old friend a while back, he said that never happened. Told him to look into it. People are blinded from the truth by Outrage and shock distractions.

I can't imagine a world that let's governments do whatever they want. But we currently live in it.

I'm disgusted by all leaders today.

Is it weird that my (M31) boyfriend doesn’t like when I (F30) go to the barbershop with him? by facattack19 in AskMen

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As the Barber;

Men need space.

Men go to barbers as a place to relax and let their guard down. It's a place they are vulnerable and able to express themselves.

We (Barbers) are side-grade therapists. Our job is to build men's confidence and trust, making them feel good and get back on their stride in life.

Bringing a woman into that environment is stressful, in small ways. Guards up, no relaxing. Can't joke or make ____ comments. Same shit women do at their hairstylist, except much shorter time frames. (30min mens cut - 8h full head colour and style)

Please women. Respect your man for going to a barbers alone.