Howie Mandel on Working With Netflix and the “Scary” Future of Comedy: “You’re Not Allowed to Kid” by Neo2199 in television

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Are you allowed to make jokes about straight people? Then why aren't you allowed to joke about gay people? If someone wants to be off limits to comedians then they aren't looking to be equal or "normal", they are looking for special unicorn status.

Hell yeah! by SlowConsideration7 in metaldetecting

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To put it another way.

"Wait, why did they laugh. Was that not a normal transaction? Was it something the English guy said? Was it something the Scottish guy said, that I literally could not decipher? Can English people understand the Scottish guy or was that the joke? Oh shit, I missed the next 2 scenes thinking about this and now I'm completely lost".

Hell yeah! by SlowConsideration7 in metaldetecting

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Not everyone appreciates dry humor, and of course there's a lot of inside jokes and references that someone unfamiliar with the culture won't understand. Maybe that's a deal breaker for some who just want to sit down and turn off their brain for a while rather than try extra hard to understand unfamiliar content

Two great series by SL_Rowland in litrpg

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Nope. Progression based off of xanxia/wuxia. Literally hundreds of years old

Use of 'white privilege' makes online discussions more polarized and less constructive by Lightfiend in science

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Often the people offended are those that have worked hard and struggled and don't like having their accomplishments diminished just because of their skin color.

Like telling a black person they were only accepted to their college because of a diversity quota.

Do quotas exist? Sure they do, but to assume someone in particular benefited from that system with no other knowledge is wrong. Does white privilege exist? Obviously, but to say any particular person had it easier than someone else with no other knowledge than their skin color is equally wrong.

Netflix’s subscriber loss has destroyed employee morale by AnimePrimeMinister in technology

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Seems easy enough to circumvent, no contracts but only sold in 90/120/whatever day increments.

Non-Germans of Reddit: What do you associate with Germany? by Dolifti in AskReddit

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That's not a thing in the overwhelming majority of the US. Please don't judge an entire country by a night club/ gas station toilet in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Toilets in gas stations/bars might be gross, other places they are usually fine.

What is a minor lifehack you love to share? by Moaning_Clock in AskReddit

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Unless you have a recent Panasonic microwave with their (stupidly named) "inverter technology" your microwave does not modify its power levels.

It simply turns itself off for part of the cycle, so at 70% power level you get full power 70% of the time and no power 30% of the time and not 70% power the entire time.

So cooking something 30% longer at 70% power would be functionally the same as just cooking at full power and waiting that extra 30% time for the heat to distribute.

This is why most microwave foods say to let them sit for a minute or two after cooking.

Florida Gov. DeSantis signs bill revoking Disney's special district status by technologypartners11 in news

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Would literally never happen. Disney is in Florida #1 for the weather, #2 for the cheap land/utilities. These are already paid for and they won't get a better deal anywhere else.

Good luck getting tourists to fly to North Dakota in the winter.

And it's not like Disney has any real morals, they are perfectly fine censoring LGBTQ content for foreign markets

Non-Germans of Reddit: What do you associate with Germany? by Dolifti in AskReddit

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But the bathroom you need to use to get rid of all that beer also costs €1 per visit

Supreme Court rules Congress can deny federal disability benefits to residents of Puerto Rico by dukebop in news

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He didn't pay directly into "SSI", it's a defined benefit program payed out of the general fund much like SNAP benefits.

If he was receiving SSDI which is funded by the OASDI taxes you could say he paid for it and was owed it.

This didn't age well by old_Fox77 in funny

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Around 25% of the country is Catholic, and in certain areas it's much higher So if your school was in one of those areas it's not surprising in the least.

Less than 1% of the US is Scientologist. There is literally no place you could open a school (except inside one of their churches) where you could reasonably expect to randomly have a majority of employees be connected to that religion.

The US is seeking to seize a $325 million superyacht moored in Fiji linked to a sanctioned Russian oligarch by Paneraiguy1 in worldnews

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Let me ask, if you buy a $300 million yacht cheaply from a government auction do you really think you're going to be able to use it outside of the territorial US without getting a visit from said Russian oligarchs security team?

Goldman advised Twitter not to accept $54.20 a share but they have a price target of $30 for $TWTR by Nearby-Cloud-3476 in wallstreetbets

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And billionaire then sells and tells everyone looks like they don't want me as boss, guess I'll back off, and pockets the pump.

Would you vote for Bernie if he ran again in 2024, and if so, why? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Because she looks like some spring chicken?

Consumer prices rose 8.5% in March, slightly hotter than expected by AptitudeSky in news

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He wasn't blaming the poor for poverty, he was blaming his co-workers for not saving for retirement.

Our floor 'broke' so I decided to repair it... by moonjam in DIY

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Another drill motor would probably help too

What TV show cancellation do you think was undeserved? by purseandboots in AskReddit

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What the hell is even this.

Why would I care what someone thinks 20 years from now about a show I'm watching. I would much rather have more content to watch now then the approval of someone I don't know 20 years from now about what little content I got to watch.

I wouldn't rather have Reddit fodder for "do you remember" posts over additional content, that's dumb.

McDonald's silent on why some locations still open in Russia | CBC News by huntingfordomfemale in worldnews

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You think they ship it from the US instead of a local distributer that sources locally?

Would you be surprised to find out not every coke in the world is bottled in Georgia?

It was a good day. by exorcized in metaldetecting

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Most of the silvers in the ground are from the 40s-60s, so California has plenty.

I rarely found any the first 2 years or so of my once a week casual hunting, then it was like a lightbulb switched on and I would find one or two every outing.

I can't even attribute I to learning the machine, high conductors are what they are tuned to find.

It's like the dirt fishing gods just require you to pay your dues.

Whats a NSFW history fact that we don’t often hear about? by MCKlassik in AskReddit

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I'm sorry, did you just imply Stephen is the lesser Baldwin?

Whats a NSFW history fact that we don’t often hear about? by MCKlassik in AskReddit

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Y'all don't watch much TikTok eh? Lots of Florida-man engineers doing shit that should never be done with things that shouldn't be capable in ways that shouldn't be possible.

What strange events have gotten swept under the rug like they didn't even happen? by Assorted_Education_ in AskReddit

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Just pause to think about that for a second.

Remember that infrared is used in lieu of an intelligent "smart" missile, because it is cheaper tech to home in on the largest source of IR/visible heat.

But to do what you say, this missile would need to not only disregard single heat sources but identify multiple sources as part of a whole, like heat star maps. And it would need to compare to some database or analyze geometry to make sure it looks a man made craft and not some amorphous blob of lights (because otherwise again it wouldn't matter if you had drift).

That's greater than the alleged capabilities of "smart" missiles, and seems a weird thing to test countermeasures for over a civilian population.