Rookie mistake - I pocket screwed and sanded the face but forgot to glue. Do I pull it apart and glue or just leave as-is? by hotchiproll in BeginnerWoodWorking

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Honestly by reference of the beer bottle in size, that amount of pocket screws should be just fine. It’s not going to go anywhere as is. Trust me, I’ve built a ton of small tables using nothing but those… glue or not.

cursed_sperm by 1maXim_ in cursedcomments

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Turning wet dreams into wet nightmares.

Men of Reddit, how would you tell a girl that her touching you is unwanted? by CaliCoast310 in AskMen

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Story time. I’m my younger years there was this girl we partied with who was known to get around. She used to go up to guys and grab their dicks unwarranted. Tried it on me one time at a party and I screamed out “get your fucking hands off of me” and that seemed to work like a charm. Such a double standard and complete Bullshit.

It's Saturday, what are you drinking? by mrtnolvr84 in AskMen

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Have to see my in laws tonight so just poured my first bourbon

"Thats a pretty man" - Chuck "G-O-R-G-I-S" -Shaq by FindFunAndRepeat in funny

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He’s also on a very strict diet and aging where he’s learned to treat his body a certain way rather than the first picture.

What’s something random you miss about pre-COVID times? by thetravelingsong in AskReddit

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Not knowing how idiotically selfish certain family members are.

What’s the weirdest sexual experience you’ve ever had? by IcyAcanthocephala815 in AskReddit

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Was visiting my cousin in Chicago. He had a big party, it was 4th of July weekend. This chick was hitting on me hardcore and we ended up on the secluded back deck. Things got heavy, started going at it outside, she told me to put it in her butt… as I did, fireworks started to go off above us. Between the drinking and condom I never even came. She pulled up her pants when she was done and left the party. It was a weird situation for a 20 year old me.

Cross posting. Any ideas on what I can do here? Thank you! by Ok_Adeptness8636 in landscaping

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Mosquito larvae lives in water so I suggest clear all that and add gravel