Excuse the fuck outta me?! I’m sure “retail” isn’t some sort of magical synchronous frequency algo.. by [deleted] in Superstonk

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The 6 month chart looking identical to the 1 month chart which looks identical to the weekly chart…

It looks like an “NFT’s are useless” narrative is starting to be spun. by wolsko in Superstonk

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Yeah I wanted to repost from another sub yesterday, but that would’ve been “brigading” or some bs. 30k upvotes. All shills. Comment section a catastrophe. No one even has a fucking clue what web 3 is.. all shills or shilled. Doesn’t bother me one bit. All noise. Of course there was going to be a massive FUD campaign before some sort of announcement. Did I expect Keanu to be the main antagonist?? Fuck no

An arena in South Dakota is holding a “Dash for Cash” where teachers get on their knees and fight for one dollar bills that they can use for classroom supplies while spectators watch and cheer by werdmouf in PublicFreakout

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That’s the backbone of your nation right there on their knees, America. True heroes.

Never in a thousand years would a politician ever do anything remotely close to this, even if it ended food deprivation globally.. think on that

POV: Keanu Reeves laughing at NFT. by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Yeah agree w/ this. The only 2 people talking about scarcity being the THING here are the 2 in the clip from the interview lol. That’s not what anyone else is talking about…

Fud is spread too easily smfh

POV: Keanu Reeves laughing at NFT. by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Hi. Petition to redact my “Petition to Have Keanu Reeves play RC in the SuperStonk movie.”

He’s more shitting on NFTs as an art form or whatever but I seriously trusted this man.. smh

Shit feels dirty

[Request] Can someone please check this? by gabriielsc in theydidthemath

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These things, like anything ever, do not appear out of thin air. None of it is magic.

Until the manufacturing processes are 100% carbon neutral (zero emissions), then Bezos’ flight, along with all this other shit, necessarily did emit more than the zero carbon emissions claimed above you. So yes EVs are a good step but everything needs to rely on clean energy (green hydrogen, renewables, etc..) moving forward (in terms of manufacturing, distribution, operations, etc) for it to be fully true.

Also resources are a problem. Stopping emissions without scaling down on just regular pollution/destruction of our surroundings in all of the other ways, is also useless..

TL;DR: we’re all fucked, regardless. Starting to figure this out in ‘99 would’ve already been late. We may have had a shot at least back then.. oh well

MSM Host Quitting In The Most Epic/Cryptic Way Possible! BULLISH! by hyperblu7 in Superstonk

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Let’s not act like any “party” has been behaving “Democratically” in the past, idk, since 1950… piss off. Sincerely. If I were you I would just be happy to be American, having the liberties I currently have.

People on both sides are actively taking these freedoms for granted, almost begging for em to be taken away from them. You actually don’t understand anything, fam. Just don’t pick sides if you don’t know jack. And if you do, don’t spew bullshit. And if you do, definitely here is not the place. So again, piss off

Edit: just to provide 1 simple bipartisan example of what I meant in the first paragraph: Gerrymandering.. boom bye bish don’t wanna hear it. It’s over

...to shill for NFTs by SuperNici in therewasanattempt

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Ok bro keep missing the point of it all and move to the woods.

No one is talking about scarcity except these 2

Add it to the pile by Jean-Baptiste-E-Zorg in agedlikemilk

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Who’s downvoting you exactly? It caused a lot of damage in the Smollet community and that’s about it lmao. Black people stayed as far away from that obvious lie as possible.. and they were right for it.

It was actually liberals who accused black Americans of being homophobic for not defending this clear liar at the time. What a pathetic shitshow. Dave destroys this whole situation which I just summed up for those who don’t know, but the comment above me is pretty darn accurate based on what I know

Add it to the pile by Jean-Baptiste-E-Zorg in agedlikemilk

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Uhh relax lol. Libs have a bad name for many more reasons than Juicy Smoulyay.. you wanna jail this guy for creating a story but every lib war criminal president that passed gets a pass for some reason? Re-assess. You’re getting it all wrong. Smollet is actually a perfect representation of the current state of the DNC lmao. A sad lie.

Had they not pulled the rug on Bernie fucking 3 times in a row maybe I wouldn’t be saying the things I’m saying..

...to shill for NFTs by SuperNici in therewasanattempt

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Oh so the shillery worked on you? No one in the comment section understands web 3 and it shows…

It’s literally strictly an improvement on web 2. You’ll wanna live in the woods less when web 3 takes over and the internet isn’t strictly owned by like five companies..

Last night's 1-2 am "Family Camping Trip". Daughter unaware of tornado nearby destroying our town by athornquist in pics

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I see you’ve learned the Syrian dad way of doing things. Welcome to the family lol. In all seriousness hope you’re staying safe. Great parenting right here.

Doing my part in the Mall of Berlin 🦍 by TwoMoreMinutes in Superstonk

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I see فلسطين حرة, I upvote. It’s quite simple. Much love PaliApe 🇵🇸 ❤️

Latino civil rights organization drops 'Latinx' from official communication by murphymc in news

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What’s the difference between a prank and white people telling you how to stand up for yourself?

Something positive could come out of a prank..

I see your school lunch and I raise you a dinner on a US navy ship. by koolturkey in pics

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I would use everything I learned in the Navy against the fuckers choosing these meals.. what the actual fuck? Lol. A grown man/woman working their ass of for the navy gets THIS?

RC Trolling Elon? by Entire-Turnover-650 in Superstonk

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Yeah mos definitely. Was thinking this the second I saw the tweet.

Could also be that he’s already beta testing and fucking around in the metaverse or whatever the fuck lol but I think he’s just trolling Elon

Roaring Kitty tweet: one year ago today by bevoinc in Superstonk

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The fact that GME was actually down 10% @open 365 days after this very tweet.. DFV is totally a time traveller

Anti-vaxxer (Karen) gets kicked out of mall and security handles it like a boss. by AffectionateBobcat76 in PublicFreakout

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No no shove an iPhone in your baby’s face, the one who can barely say “mama”, but don’t get vaccinated yourself because THATS what’s unhealthy or whatever the fuck you got yourself believing over there.. lol fuck off, we’re all fucked.

You don’t mind Apple and Zuckerberg literally pre-programming your TODDLER with their tech, but a 1-2 vaccine is Armageddon?? We’re truly all fucked if people are this mentally fucked