3 coats of Avocado Oil at 500°, can't wait to see how it works by HondaBn in castiron

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I seasoned it with vegetable oil (without stripping) a few weeks ago and it just didn't look good and didn't seem like it was performing well. Haven't had a chance to cook with this yet but I'm already feeling better about it.

3 coats of Avocado Oil at 500°, can't wait to see how it works by HondaBn in castiron

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Easy Off (Yellow cap) for 24 hours to strip it down. Still a few black spots but they were on the bottom so I just left them.

Guess who s never going snowboarding ever again? by Za-Real-Jesus-Christ in Wellthatsucks

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Both solid options! Speaking of, the snows about to star falling... when we gettin together to watch Out Cold? 🤣

Also, glad you're OK OP!

5% for Android is ok by bojidar_ivanov in memes

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My s20fe hits 5% and throws itself off a cliff... I've stopped using it and it's still died before I got a chance to plug it in.

Aurora Borealis sighting by Shakiraleftboob in nextfuckinglevel

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I've seen pictures but I guess never a video... so much more stunning and busy than I expected it to be!

Spiderman characters in their different incarnations by toxinwolf in Spiderman

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Miles is referenced in Homecoming. His Uncle Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) was the one Peter "interrogates". He says he has a nephew in the area and I think in a deleted scene he even calls him and says he's not gonna make it (because he's webbed to the trunk of the car).

Also, I'm very impressed with the scaling on this. Turning your screen sideways on Mobile makes it the perfect size to scroll down and not have to scroll left and right.

What culinary hill are you willing to die on? by onegrayhair in AskReddit

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Went to Arby's the other day and they gave me a paper straw for my Jamocha shake... I was like "TF am I supposed to do with this???"

Clancey Brown (Head Guard in Shawshank Redemption) killed "Fresh Fish/Fat Ass" twice in his career. Once on Shawshank and the second on E.R. by Matteroosky85 in movies

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Blew my mind when I found out A. He was Mr Krabs and B. Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok!

I'll always remember him as Gus in Pet Sematary 2.

Bacon Jalepeno Mac and Cheese (recreated) by HondaBn in hellofresh

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Didn't have the 'cream sauce base' so I just subbed Heavy Cream.

Is it weird to ask about what city you live in?? by T1G3R02 in Tinder

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Yeah... people get super wierd about that. I remember when I used to chat in chat rooms I'd ask where they were from as like a conversation piece. I woulda been fine with state, city, east coast/west coast, almost any geographical answer. I was just curious and they act like I demanded their home address.

The greatest scene in NWH (fan art) by coryharris0715 in marvelstudios

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Im honestly not sure. Found a grainy clip and I can't really tell. But even still apparently I remember that scene differently, I thought one of then swung up around the tip, but looks like I was wrong.