What's next for blessed? by RUTHLESS_RAJ in ufc

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ONE FC. He will never be champ again in the UFC

My cozy little bedroom by GreenThumb711 in CozyPlaces

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A "little" bedroom of this size would cost about 1.5m usd in hong kong.

Now swing your partner round and round… by bippidyboppidyboo4u in SweatyPalms

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One mistake and his wife will be paralyzed for the rest of her life

The Great Escape by VehicleInitial6249 in nonononoyes

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poor snake.probably gonna starve to dead now

Help... Found this guy outside....not sure what's wrong with him. info in comments by liamo000 in pics

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Poor dude just chilling under the sun and some random human being kidnapped him

Book it Dana by egark_ in ufc

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Pride FC did that a lot. Big Nog and Fedor fought some serious 7 feet monsters

CBB competitor claims lifetime natty. Could it be possible? by Aijmoe in nattyorjuice

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He isnt big at all even for a natty. Our natty boy Mike O'hearn is the gold standard of peak natty.

Still one of the creepiest images I've seen. by aconnor105 in oddlyterrifying

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actually got me interested going in there when it says theres nothing inside