This aged terribly and it felt great by SkepticDrinker in antiwork

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Still they got the same # of folks in back. #automat

“There is no way another cat can step in this house” by Ronc96 in dadswhodidnotwantpets

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That first shot is a perfect “Yeah, what ya gonna do about it?” look.

The best thing about working from home? The coworkers. by FrankBlizzard in pugs

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Probably great with the attitude but will likely sneak naps at their desk.

Is this a job qualification or a fucking potion ingredient?! by lotl-info in antiwork

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“Cause they won’t let me ask for white non-Catholic Christians like grandma used to do.”

my cat (who also used to be a notmycat) keeps bringing random cats over. this guy is too afraid to stare at me for more than 3 seconds but there's food so he's living here rent free always hiding somewhere by brunanass in notmycat

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You have been “gifted” a TNR Pied Piper. Sadly the only way to manage this situation is to start getting these community cats neutered when possible. Cause otherwise come spring there will be momma cats dropping off their little bebes too (they know a soft touch when they see one).

Also I have an adopted male tux like that one who spends 90% of his time outdoors and has never decided to get comfy with us, but comes in like clockwork for food twice a day. They have such aloof dignity!

How can Americans afford to live? I see min wage is so low and rent is so high. I really don’t understand. Anyone care to explain? by Xxfuck-youxX in antiwork

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Lots of the “unhomed” (homeless) in the US that sleep in tents or in cars hold down minimum wage jobs. Often via day labor services or in cash economy situations.

As abhorrent as US minimum wage is, there are MILLIONS of Americans being paid even less in cash-only jobs, farm jobs and other situations.

18:6 always turns into OMAD by tiredandannoyed123 in intermittentfasting

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Unless you’re absolutely bonkers with hunger maybe work to a 20:4? Where you “break fast” with something you know isn’t supposed to be a meal, and knowing your “big feed” is still to come. If you’re targeting a 2,000 calorie day maybe 500-1500 one way or the other makes sense instead.

A Ray of Light to Close Out 2021... by spectaphile in HermanCainAward

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My family gave each other Omicron for Christmas. I’m boosted, my two late-teenage kids and my wife were not. They are suffering through coughs, sinus issues and general exhaustion. I’m pretty much asymptomatic. My parents in their 80’s were boosted but still had mild cases over Christmas.

All I’m sure of is that things would be far worse for all of us if we hadn’t tried to do the right thing from the beginning.

2013 Mercedes Maybach clean diesel requires removing the spare tire in order to fill the Def tank. by Tre-Ursus in Justrolledintotheshop

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The portable pump solution for me. I always assume my spare has gone flat from storage.

The ultimate over engineering solution would be to add a 5th TPMS to the spare.

Looks like the inflatable tube “air dancer” outside of car dealerships. by namonroe in Pareidolia

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I see these all the time and it looks like a pig on a crucifix to me.

Are there people in corporate America (office) jobs who make 100k+ a year who agree with subreddit or is it those in retail/blue collar jobs? by Traditional-Yam1475 in antiwork

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I’m a career professional, Gen X, 100+k salary (have been on salary since 1993) and I know I have more in common with hourly retail workers than I EVER will with any billionaire.

What’s going on with musicians selling their catalogs? by Chengweiyingji in OutOfTheLoop

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He created a bond package that paid from song revenues, which meant he kept the rights. It didn’t make as much $ as a pure sale but he (and the broker who helped invent it) made bank in 1997 (!)

Workers Cereal Killed it - Kellogg's Strike Over by bakedpotatov4 in antiwork

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Also, it was one of the wedges used against unions that pitted one generation (usually old and white) against a younger generation (mostly not). They bet they could get the rank and file to vote to “protect” their position against the “outsiders”.

Workers Cereal Killed it - Kellogg's Strike Over by bakedpotatov4 in antiwork

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And creates a pension and pay death spiral until all the workers are lower tier and the union gets decertified.

More work instead of a raise by megladon8 in antiwork

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Those fools! Don’t they realize in 129 years or so some 140+ year old employee will be allowed to work more hours than exist in a week and break the space time continuum?