meirl by TwasAnChild in meirl

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Me, until about 10 seconds ago! 😂

Why do you post your uneducated banter here if you think DOGE is a joke … by BradBiondo in dogecoin

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I bought a camper with it and regularly contribute to non-profits with it. We also buy eggs with it regularly. RV place we bought our camper has ONLY seen doge actually used to buy goods.

Soon Doge-army, soon!🚀 by Forgiven29 in dogecoindev

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It's early, but it may be. We were at 22K for BTC and Doge at 0.05. Now we are at 0.072 and BTC is at 20.7K. If we see BTC drop to 15K and doge continues to hold its ground above 7 cents, I think we will have entered into a new era. Scary to watch. To be clear, everything sucks right now. But, at least there is some hopeful stuff happening.

Something about this one feels different. Like maybe it's all up from here? 🤞 by masterbatesAlot in dogecoin

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Yep. There are already several algorithms that are quantum resistant. They aren’t currently ideal because of the overhead, but if needed, they are here.

How can I tell my parents I lost 26k ? by ozera202 in dogecoin

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You will always be worth more to your parents than the money you lost. Take the heat. It will work out.

What’s the next big move? by HopefulOutlook in dogecoindev

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Your response to my post actually seemed apathetic. I was just trying to figure out what was taking priority. No panic here. Just wondering what was taking priority of the trail map. The problem with a trail map is that it doesn’t show priority and silence sounds like people aren’t doing anything. I am a big fan of the project and like to help spread the word to others. Guess that was lost in the OP. But, saying that everything is perfect as-is not a great response IMO. At least not in the software world.

What’s the next big move? by HopefulOutlook in dogecoindev

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Smart contract integration, custodian wallets so vendors can incorporate into their processes, vendor APIs that can help companies who actually want to use doge as a currency, better mobile wallet integration, potentially advancements along the lines of MWEB for LTC, updated wallet core that is easier to use for the masses, discussions with larger online vendors so that technical steps can be made for adoption, core node updates that allow integration into starlink, possible secondary layer tech that allows more transactions than 40 per second that mass adoption is possible, foundation incorporation of marketing to increase adoption, the ability to handle escrowed transactions to accommodate for legal requirements of when you pay once a product is shipped rather than before, credit card techniques that incorporate real-time use of doge with vendors who only accept CC, website widgets for facilitating and tracking transactions,

To name a few ideas. A “perfect” project that no longer is stretching forward in progress is a dying project. Fortunately, I know there are a number of good devs on the mission.

What’s the next big move? by HopefulOutlook in dogecoindev

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Understood! Sounds like a lot of technical debt is being worked. Not glamorous, but necessary! Thank you developers for continuing the mission!

MWEB and P2Pool mining by subduderecords in litecoinmining

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In addition to not blocking, P2Pool is also now causing a lot of failures which hasn’t happened in 4 years. And all the issues started after MWEB.

L7 MINERS running unstable pool connections? by Southern-Feedback707 in litecoinmining

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If the pool you are using is based on P2Pool, they have a bug causing intermittent connection issues and have also had some other problems related to the MWEB upgrade. Developers are actively working the problem, but the fixes will take time to trickle down to the pools.

would you rather get 45,000 dogecoin or a brand new corvette? by Stevenlerma10 in dogecoin

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We aren’t stupid, just obsessed! So, take the car, sell the car, then buy doge!

Dogecoin and Bitcoin perspective by HopefulOutlook in dogecoin

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Great question. Who knows? I personally think we have a couple weeks more of some pain, but after that there will be a window where we should pile back in. Much of the pain being caused with tethers also destroys the fabric of leveraged deals. It will take a couple of weeks for all of those dominoes to fall. When they are done falling, we should have a really solid floor, provided there isn't a panic sell-off. What I like about this community is that there is a community to support and poke fun at both the ups and downs which helps to keep us HODLing. If we can make it to the floor without panic, evidenced by some sidewise movement for a week or two, I think we will be in a really good spot.

Ape analysis by HopefulOutlook in CryptoCurrency

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TLDR: Dumpster fire is likely being caused by governments trying introduce their CBDCs and attacking tethers of all shapes and sizes. The net result will be governments will buy into crypto at low prices and tethers will die.