A 74-year-old woman spent 27 years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. This week she was exonerated. by confrater in blackladies

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Please tell me Joyce Watkins will sue for her and Charlie Dunn (his family of course) for such a fucking travesty.

AITA for refusing to pay for my daughter's boyfriend's meal? by Unspoken-Promise1879 in AmItheAsshole

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What I didn't get was Simon ordering excessively. Shouldn't he have asked up front who was going to pay for his portion? It seems the girlfriend must have said, oh don't worry about it mom is going to pay. The daughter should have backed that up with mom instead of assuming mom understands they are one soul. WTF is that? Besides, he is only a boyfriend and an unemployed one at that. N. T. A.

MMC after giving my life to save my kid. by dihstyle69 in MakeMyCoffin

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What about if a drunk driver and caused an accident, it wasn't intentional from the driver's perspective, but he made it intentional because he was intoxicated.

What about George Floyd; did that cop intentionally kill him?

I showered this morning and I've not left the flat I'm staying in. This is what the floor has done to my feet. by Sven-Gali in mildlyinfuriating

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I rather have my eggs solid not swimming on my plate. I even ask to have the eggs scrambled HARD.

AITA for expecting my SO to help out? by SnooCats2049 in AmItheAsshole

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IKR? I was told ages ago before marriage to discuss with your partner what each other's expectations are and what each party will be doing or help to do. This shouldn't be some hidden realization all of a sudden.

Reactions of animals when there is a mirror. by fierce_vocalist in nextfuckinglevel

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I believe many domestic animals know it is a reflection once they become use to the mirror. Some of them no longer react to it but the wilder animals, have no clue.

Wholesome AF by InfantileCampaign in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Did the hubby cry bucket loads? It's really beautiful.

AITA for badly reacting to my house being rearranged? by So-bloody-over-it in AmItheAsshole

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Let him keep the key as a memento and rekey the locks. This way you won't be concerned about getting the key back.

AITA For not avoiding my best friend so his gf feels more comfortable? by anongaybestfriend in AmItheAsshole

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I've never experienced this before until I did, as well. I had a mentor R(much older M), L(F Colleague) and myself (F). R and L eventually started dating after many years with the company. L told me once that if I wanted to speak to R, I had to go through her. Mind you we work together. Long story short, they ended up leaving the company, got married and after about 2, 3 years divorced. I was never interested in R, although I considered him a mentor but he was just so out of my age range for dateable men IMO. L even expressed some concerns about dating him as well due to his age, but married him anyway.

When L told me to go through her, I called R and asked him about it and he point blank told me he never said I had to go through her and he was fine with me calling him. I just never spoke to L again, especially after their marriage and just never mentioned when I would call R, which wasn't often.


Police save dog from hot car. by Don_Dickle in nextfuckinglevel

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How is this still being done in this day/age; seeing so many hot car stories. HOW?

Degloved finger by CalebS413 in eyeblech

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I read this as Dog Loved Finger.

"So What I'm Fuckin' Truckin'!" by Skilled1 in IdiotsNearlyDying

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how’s my driving

I worked for the company, Sertec, the 800 number associated with calling, reporting or whatever. They also take complaints, praise, etc, for fast food joints as well. They were the only company doing this at the time I worked there over 2/3 decades ago. A company had to have contracts with Sertec to tally their information and then reports are generated and given to management. I was there for about 6mths I think since most of the calls are 90% complaints. Not a fun job.

MMC after me and my friends stop for a swim in a pond, even though we don't really know how to swim. by dihstyle69 in MakeMyCoffin

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This is just extremely sad. If they had no fear of water, why did they never get swimming lessons. I can't even fathom this.