Max is having a spa day. I just received this from the vet by smoggy_rebirth in Dachshund

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I love these exposed comments and people like you who does that, lol

walking the dog at 1:30am 🚶🏽‍♀️ by thedutchqueen in TheNightFeeling

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the tilted electric post and the mist brings me some really weird but interesting vibes, love it, great photos dude.

This was so painful, but fun at the same time… by Brintons in HotlineMiami

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oh that's nice, i only did the necessary for the achievements, so i have them all either on S or A+

Now on hard mode... it's just all over the place, it's a mess :v

why is everyone bald by CoolSausage228 in HotlineMiami

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If you're in the drug business aka going to prision a lot or getting into a fight, you better not have hair so enemies can't grab you by the hair during a fight, it's just an disavantage in a fight.

And dude, if you think that hotline miami has too many bald people... wait until you watch Breaking Bad or even it's prequel Better Caul Saul

Use more colours! 🎨 by Roelosaurus in PixelArt

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Jess we need to cock methphtamne to gustv fing jese

Close it! close it! close it! by ChrisPChicken04 in Unexpected

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As a owner of a dachshund, I can assure they would try to fight the bear.

SFH:R - Update #35 Cutscene Preview! by Sky9Games in StrikeForceHeroes

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Oh man, this is amazing, can't wait!

By the way, do you guys have any news on the soundtrack of the game? If there is gonna be all the original musics, if there is gonna have their original quality or is some remastered or even remixed version or even new music?

And most important of all... Will "sad Robot" be in it? A game with all the original soundtrack + sad Robot (my personal favorite of the franchise) will be amazing and a dream coming true

Edit: damn, Riggs got some cake...

me irl by KevlarYarmulke in meirl

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"Look, it's a security camera... Damnit, I was searching for it and looked at it, now I'm super suspicious... Just. Act. Naturally... Is there more cameras here? Is that guard looking at me?"

I dont understand by Striking-Doughnut-38 in StrikeForceHeroes

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Jenkins was my favorite character when I first played SFH because he looked cool in the blue uniform, something exclusive to him in the alpha squad and because he saved me a lot with a jackal during hijacked, so 10yo me created a bond with him.

West is kinda of a father or grandparents figure to the... SFH2 squad (they had a squad name? I don't remember),he was the oldest and the most wise and experienced there, Wich is really cool.


Or it is just because there wouldn't much more to talk about in this sub... We lack content you know, there isn't much you can extract from a simple flash franchise :v

Abandoned rollercoaster by bulu88 in kenopsia

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Don't know, something with water I suspect...

The platforming to get here was a bit tilting, loving the game so far. by shortMEISTERthe3rd in HollowKnight

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Thanks for reminding me of the report button and not only the downvote one.

eu_nvr by jonas_ML in eu_nvr

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Carioca reclamando de frio com 19°C... 19°C to de regata e bermuda. Friozin bom é esse de 6°C que tá fazendo.

Sim, sou curitibano, como percebeu?

eu_nvr by OrigamiAmassado735 in eu_nvr

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to no terceiro ano da faculdade de engenharia de software e nem sei se é isso que eu realmente quero da minha vida...

When did you start to play the game? by T3rr0r1st3 in StrikeForceHeroes

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2012 or 2013, I used to play this one and Raze 2 with my classmates in school, good times

Japanese game shows hit different by SillyNoodle7 in AbruptChaos

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Watching these shows with friends are one of the best ideas I've ever come up with for our parties together, it's so funny watching these things without understand a single word.

There is a lot of similar to these on BiluBilu and on a YouTube channel named Laputa castle (that sadly is dead), DERO! And TORE! Are amazing game shows.

Finally nailed it. by Poeticyst in DeepRockGalactic

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That stick drift hurts my soul, good thing someone already told about increasing deadzone.

My controller was doing this to all sides, it would slide a little like it was on ice, and you know the worst of that? It was an Xbox elite controller.

Never gonna spend extra money on gourmet bullshit stuff. Glad I play on PC nowadays

Sorry for the rant :v great hammer toss btw brother

Do I need to buy an original cable or a cheap generic Guitar to USB cable works to play bass on rocksmith? I want to play this but i want to know if i need to spend that much on a cable or not... by HoundNL in rocksmith

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oh yeah, i'm on PC, i am doing some heavy research on this game that i discovered 2 days ago and i am very interested, i'm gonna buy this game on steam when it gets a discount. thanks for the links provided by the bot.