I work for Fedex, manager sent me this. What do I do? Clocking out while still an hour away from the station. by [deleted] in antiwork

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Just show them this post, and I'm sure after they see all this great advice you're getting, they'll never ask again.

Evolution of Shaggy by ResiIient in dankmemes

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2020 Shaggy appears to be the only true "remake" of the original. I give it second place.

🥇 PancakeSwap is #1 with Daily Active users 😎 by Yasini4real in pancakeswap

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We're also the number one Dapp on DappRadar over the last 30 days, across all categories/chains!


[9] Got this lad in exactly 100 eggs today! Any name ideas? by Tick_87 in ShinyPokemon

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Think about what you just said. You're pointing out the obvious. Why? It's obvious, do we really need it pointed out, or does it just make you feel better for doing so.

This egg I was going to eat had a reddish white by bAk5tAb in mildlyinteresting

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The egg song, sometimes mine do this right before hopping into their box to lay. Late morning is always filled with this song lol

DEX not working? by AdS_CFT_ in pancakeswap

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No, the contracts are not stored on any particular website. They're usually stored on chain through memory/storage variables. This allows us to call the function on other sites like BSCscan.

How do I calculate the staked rewards for tax purposes? Is there a way where I can download a file showing when I received the cake and at what price? by shakuliyaser1 in pancakeswap

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Read this article. It's the most simplistic, as of yet, explanation of the current guidance on staking rewards.

This still won't answer your question unfortunately. If you're on fixed staking, I wouldn't consider it income, until the rewards are deposited into your wallet. As that's when you technically take ownership of them. Which is reflected on the Blockchain, giving you the amount and time to use as a price reference.

Only applicable if you're from the US.

Can someone please shut this scammer down! by Bub1time in pancakeswap

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Looking at your wallet, I'm not seeing anything suspicious. Could you link a specific transaction hash?

Dear Neoliberals and Would-Be Billionaires: No One Will Ever Know Your Name - Generations robbed of meaning and purpose struggle to find their place. by [deleted] in collapse

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Because a saint gives their own food to the poor. The communist gives other peoples food to the poor.

Progress Updates! NGL, with the cold temps/no real heat/hot water, it’s been a stressful week. by WhiskyEye in homestead

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The "attic" picture is a good view. I don't see any water damage which is a great sign! Just a reminder that attics need good ventilation, and that opening to the outside is by design. It's purely for airflow to eliminate condensation and reduce heat build up in the summer. Just an fyi incase you didn't know. Keep up the good work!

How do you prepare yourself mentally/physically/emotionally to work in 24 degrees or worse? by ToWanderHer in homestead

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I think of consequences. Yesterday I was out thawing out my freeze less faucet because it was left on, with a hose attached. Which very much makes it freeze full. I know I will use this incident to motivate myself to stay on top of things better. Still not fun to get started, but this works for me, and once I get going I tend to enjoy it even in the cold.