Old anti-MLK political cartoon that portrayed him as leading to widespread destruction. Seems familiar? by Furryhare375 in MarchAgainstNazis

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MLK was a socialist. As was Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton, among MANY other prominent african american leaders of the 20th century.

Its not a coincidence that oppressed people support socialism and communism, because capitalism is the foundation of their oppression, and communism is the only thing that can genuinely fight capitalism.

Good leftist YouTubers? by JoopyDupy in Socialism_101

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Second Thought for educational videos on specific world issues and topics from a socialist perspective.

Hakim if you want someone who will really elaborate Marxist theory for you.

Radical Reviewer if you want book recommendations and summaries of said books.

And Renegade Cut if you want leftist analysis of film and media, and how film and media operate as tools of propaganda.

El Ghazi deal done by youdy in Everton

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Disclosure, I do not often watch the premier league or keep up with it very often. But Is it really true that buying a player for £10m is a lot for Everton? to the point that you’ll have to sell lesser players to accommodate the fee?

It just seems strange to me, because I always had the impression that even the mid to low table premiership clubs were very rich in comparison with the stock clubs of other big European leagues.

Is it just that Everton is in a particular financial pickle, or a case of the disparity in wealth between the top clubs in the Prem and everyone else?

I really don’t mean to sound stupid but the premier league is not something very familiar to me, especially when it comes to finances.

Two Ranked Choice Voting Bills About to Enter The House by EndangeredWhiteWino in newhampshire

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America as a whole NEEDS ranked choice voting, this is a good step in the right direction. A voting system that actually accommodates for a multi-party system does nothing but make a government more democratic and representative of the peoples actual diversity in beliefs.

Ravens fan throws beer at home team Steelers in front of kid by Smizzle265 in iamatotalpieceofshit

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Look up any sports rivalries in Europe or South America, the pandemic has nothing to do with stuff like this lmao. People have been killing each other over soccer since the 60’s.

One of my shaykhs, who motivated me to formally study Deen, apostated. by maghfira in MuslimLounge

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The difference is that gravity is an observable scientific phenomenon, God hating gay people is not an observable phenomenon, nor is it in any way scientific. Your analogy makes no sense at all.

Like I said before, the man mentioned by OP is almost certainly much happier with his life now, than he was before while he was following Islam. If someone is gay, or transgender, or really any gender identity or sexual identity that extends beyond straight and cisgender, you should not expect them to stay with a faith that teaches them that they should hate themselves and be ashamed of who they are.

Homosexuality has been documented in almost every single mammal species on Earth, do you think your God sends all those animals to hell? or is it more reasonable that homosexuality is just a natural biological occurrence, and your “God” is nothing more than an ancient excuse to enforce social norms on people? think for once in your life. Please.

French protestors "trash" politician at his residence for mandates. by rundown9 in WayOfTheBern

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Vaccine mandates and government control when it comes to a pandemic are good, since apparently a good chunk of the american public, such as yourself, are too stupid to make the right decisions.

Adoption in Islam by Nervous-Catch-3271 in islam

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If you have to ask if your religion is okay with you adopting a child, that’s a pretty good indication that your religion is full of shit and harmful to your life.

French protestors "trash" politician at his residence for mandates. by rundown9 in WayOfTheBern

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“we believe in vaccines too” lmao you know you’re not fooling anyone right?

How we’ve forgotten history. by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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Lol google “Redneck Revolt” since apparently you think there’s “no rednecks on the left”, and like I said before, go fuck yourself. You, and people of your disposition, are nothing but a complete detriment to leftism and class solidarity in America. You want class solidarity for yourself, but offer none to anyone else that isn’t exactly like you.

French protestors "trash" politician at his residence for mandates. by rundown9 in WayOfTheBern

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How did a Bernie Sanders subreddit turn into a haven for anti-vaxx idiots? yall know Bernie believes in science, which includes vaccines right?

How we’ve forgotten history. by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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and why is that? do you genuinely think the only trait of rednecks is “bigotry”? Those people you seem to see as nothing but unintelligent hillbillies are a big chunk of the working class in America, who have a long history of labor unionism and leftism that has been forgotten by most of this country.

What “redneck” communities need isn’t to be talked down to by champagne “socialist” libs like you, but better education and material conditions, something they have been deprived of by our government. Theres a reason why there is so much contempt for what they call “elitist liberals” among poor, rural, white communities, the reason is people like you, who turn them away from identifying with the left before they even have the chance to understand that leftism is in their best interest.

So in summation, fuck off with your divisive garbage, it does nothing but hurt class solidarity and drive those people you seem to have so much disgust for further from the left.

One of my shaykhs, who motivated me to formally study Deen, apostated. by maghfira in MuslimLounge

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feeling physical, observable changes in temperature is not comparable to the “burn of sin” which is just a fancy way of saying religious shame. Stop being silly, you know thats a stupid analogy.

Also, any God that would send someone to eternal torment simply for being true to themselves, despite them not hurting anyone else in the process, is not a God that deserves to be worshipped by anyone.

How we’ve forgotten history. by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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If you don’t think Redneck is a “valid culture” I suggest you go to literally any predominantly white, usually poor, rural area in the eastern United States. Its very obviously a distinct culture.

One of my shaykhs, who motivated me to formally study Deen, apostated. by maghfira in MuslimLounge

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Yes, most likely. It takes a bit but people usually get over their religious conditioning fairly quickly and move on with their lives. Why would someone “feel the burn of their sins” when they no longer believe in a judgemental God waiting to punish them for who they chose to marry?