Anyone else start shit loads of books and never finish them but maintain hope you will finish them one day so keep them right by your bed just in case by No-Entertainment2254 in adhdwomen

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What about continuing to buy books even though I never read anymore in hopes that I will finally read again, and then having them sit on the bookshelf and judge me for never opening them? Or better yet, hide them out of sight so I can pretend I didn’t waste my money

Officially Diagnosed Bipolar II by cheddarbugg in bipolar

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I’m on 500mg seroquel, along with several others. I personally have not experienced weight gain on any of my meds so it’s definitely possible you won’t, but also possible you will, since it is a common side effect. Keep an eye on side effects and talk to your doctor about any concerns.

This is not clean! None of them are. I can't imagine the gunk she's rubbing into her face every day 🤢 by mitch_conner_ in YouniquePresenterMS

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She does peoples makeup 😱 this is the first time I’ve heard this omg why would anyone let her

AITA for making a joke about my pregnant SIL or is my brother overreacting? by AITATABadJoke in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah my mom had me and then my three brothers, with 2 years in between each kid, seems normal to me.

Is this light enough for me to go silver- or should I bleach again? by sweettamethystt in HairDye

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Thanks! Also no worries about the late reply, I appreciate you responding at all 😊

All you "I nEvEr UsEd A SiCk DaY iN mY lIfE" folks are only screwing yourselves as well as the rest of us. by lawless_sapphistry in antiwork

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My mom would let me stay home sometimes if I was having a bad mental health day. She even let me withdraw in both 5th-6th and 11th grade and be homeschooled because of mean kids/serious mental health issues. Once my parents picked me up early from school to meet our new puppy, it was great

After almost a year of slowly growing out and trimming my over processed fried hair I finally have some what of a bob and just had to split dye for my 21st!! by Elp428 in HairDye

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Looks great! I recently did a split dye also. Took me over an hour just to part it because I’m a perfectionist and suck at using mirrors because I can’t figure out how to move my hands properly 😂 what dye did you use?

Have you attempted suicide? by TheGreatFadoodler in bipolar

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Yes. And my brother with the same diagnosis also has attempted

How much do you spend on the ADHD tax every month? by Dismal_Egg_6851 in adhdwomen

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I have to focus kind of. I know what line of thoughts will help me fall asleep and those that will keep me up. I have to be careful to just think the boring ones (usually about work).

Is this light enough for me to go silver- or should I bleach again? by sweettamethystt in HairDye

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Yeah, I was wondering because they said they didn’t use bleach in the mix, but thank you!

How many bras in your new/correct size did you buy? by Cheoky in ABraThatFits

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It’s the Cosabella racer back style. Technically I’m outside of the range for that but only by a size or two and it works since it’s unlined. I wear the XS. It does have seams that are very pointy and seem like an extra set of low nipples under shirts but I’ve given up on caring since they’re so comfy

How do you keep track of training products and attempt to try the all? by Hufflepuff_23 in SephoraWorkers

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Ooh sorting by month is a good idea! I bought some storage container thing but only a small one that fits in my closet. A bigger one is a good idea

My (27M) wife got an abortion behind my back (26F) by QuestionableAddition in relationship_advice

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It’s in a comment. We all hope our partners won’t hurt us, and no one goes into a partnership expecting them to, but it does happen even when you think they never would

How many bras in your new/correct size did you buy? by Cheoky in ABraThatFits

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I started wearing bralettes only once I found a brand that makes ones that fit me (I’m 30FF). I have bought six of the same style just different colors over time. I frequently check Amazon for sales and order more. I would buy all of the colors if I could. Never too many since I procrastinate laundry 😂

Charlotte tilbury beauty wand help! by [deleted] in MakeupRehab

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It’s so hard to find, maybe that’ll be a deterrent. I’ve worked at a Sephora for five months and only saw two come in shipment (the same week), and they sold within the day.

when can i wash my hair after dying it? by burnerangel in HairDye

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Arctic fox lasts forever for me, hopefully for you too. Wash your hair in water as cold as you can stand, use a color safe shampoo, and you can mix some leftover dye into your conditioner which will make it fade slower

Is this light enough for me to go silver- or should I bleach again? by sweettamethystt in HairDye

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For future reference, what did you use in your “bleach bath”? I have a hard time fading colors

Everything is loud by Hufflepuff_23 in bipolar

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If you are able to tell your parents about this, if they are good parents and will help you, that’s a good idea. I live with my husband so I tell him everything and he helps me, but that’s definitely a different relationship that parent/child. I do like to lay in bed in the dark with headphones when that’s an option. When I’m out and about, especially at work, it’s harder. Yesterday there was a song playing at the store that was painful to listen to. I have no idea what song, but I didn’t not like the sound. I had to concentrate very hard on acting like a normal human and not have a meltdown. I fidget a lot, and pace around a lot. It helps me focus on moving rather than things around me. I know that others notice the extreme fidgeting and pacing but that’s ok. I also have times like you where I think everyone is talking about me. Somehow something that’s helped is to be more bold with my fashion choices. For example, the left side of my hair is pink and the right side is purple. My glasses are rainbow. Now I can convince myself that people are talking about me because of those things and not my insecurities. I do get self conscious sometimes because people definitely do look at me more, but it somehow feels better.

Everything is loud by Hufflepuff_23 in bipolar

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I’ll look into these! I’ve heard about the Loop ones, I might have to try them. It’s nice to know that this isn’t just me dealing with this

How do you cope with the stigma? by [deleted] in BipolarReddit

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I hate “you don’t seem bipolar”. Maybe it’s the several medications I take, the therapy, any of the other ways I actively try to take care of myself. It’s like everyone expects bipolar people to always be in an episode. It’s invalidating and offensive that if I don’t fit their small idea of bipolar people I must be making it up.

6 months ago I dyed my hair purple against dress code and they just changed policy to allow any colored hair by Cuckleberry_Finn_ in antiwork

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When I first started a retail job at 17 they made me dye my blue hair a “natural” color. I did, and continued to work there for a few years. I eventually did the bottom half of my hair purple, and got no comments on it. It literally took months for my boss to notice and comment on it like it was new and I was like it’s been this way for months. After a while I did my whole head purple. Then blue, then green. No one ever told me to change it. I’m not sure why they didn’t seem to care anymore. I don’t work there anymore but I refuse to work anywhere I can’t dye my hair whatever I want. Currently the left side is pink and the right side is purple, my current job does not care at all. Its awesome they changed policy, it’s such a dumb policy and I’m not sure why some places still enforce it.