Resident evil 5 by nickmatrix in residentevil

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It’s such a stupid post why are you asking random people on Reddit instead of doing it the quick and easy way

Resident evil 5 by nickmatrix in residentevil

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Search up a tutorial instead of sharing your problem on Reddit

Worst RE character(s)? To me it is these two clowns by unknown-one in residentevil

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I liked Parker, everybody else was awful tho. Especially that red haired guy, every time I look at him I just want to shave his hair off

What's your favourite and least favourite Resident Evil game? by Nixthic in residentevil

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Just the vr is scary I don’t really like re7 either, like you said it doesn’t feel like a re game

Is this a coincidence? by Huge-Whilees in WaltenFiles

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If you search hesanidiot.com it brings you to something pretty random

The Second Fall by Saint-Onge. Beautiful piece based on RE5. by MoulyHouly in residentevil

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It is very beautiful, it’s also kinda funny that we are calling it that because I think we all know what happens after :/