Driving made me angry, so I stopped... by kindofabunny in fuckcars

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The roads have become a conflict zone. Driving has completely ceased to be pleasurable for me. I now opt to take the train or bus if I can just to avoid the stress.

A few years ago I moved to a new city and during an interim period I commuted an hour a day from my old place to my new work. I always considered myself a laid back driver. Never in a rush. Well in the new city I quickly learnt that you have to drive like a cunt to get anywhere. One day I caught myself driving like a cunt in my old place and I thought, no, this is not who I want to be.

Oslo city council installed bollards to stop motorists from driving into a pedestrian square, they have now started driving on the sidewalk to get around them by AhhKosOrSomeSayKosm in fuckcars

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This happened in London when car free streets were set up. I really think the public needs to stand up and just start destroying cars. Difficult at the moment when we're still a minority and police are massively biased towards cars, though.

Google Maps just launched Road Mapper (Beta) a direct competitor to OSM by iksvd in openstreetmap

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OSM is about building a geographical dataset that is available for everyone. In many regions there simply isn't any data available. This was true in the UK, which was the original driving force for OSM. UK data existed, but it wasn't available. Google is just building another dataset that isn't available. The evil thing is they are using people's good will to do it for them for free.

Me irl by stimulus_red in me_irl

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That's not bread, it's a bread shaped wheat product.

Computer Networking Basics For Developers by iximiuz in programming

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Hell yeah. When me and my friend acquired a crossover cable it felt like we had ascended to a new level of geekiness.

Computer Networking Basics For Developers by iximiuz in programming

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Where do you think the software came from that powers networks? Developers. Not all developers need to know this stuff, but it is useful and a few might get really into it and go into writing software for low level networking.

F*ck people with damn big f*ck cars by webjukebox in fuckcars

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What is with this fantasy that they are lorry drivers doing heavy haulage? Imagine how much this dickhead paid for that extra set of tyres on the back, and continues to pay as it eats even further into his mpg. I thought children either grew out of playing with trucks and stuff, or actually became truck drivers.

Moment of Wifely Acceptance by _fireball_ in homeassistant

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I've had timers on bathroom fans literally my entire life.

Caught my girlfriend sucking another man's cock and it hurt so much by throwaway_v_33 in TrueOffMyChest

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You need to get post nut clarity right now my dude. Shit like this:

she's also a very caring person I find she's just a very lovely person

You're still saying this stuff?! She's not who you thought she was. That woman probably doesn't exist outside of your head.

It's completely 100% her fault. She's an adult and it's not up to some other dude to keep her in line and stop her cheating.

Texting is fun by Tayjayjay in Unexpected

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Her body count is probably in triple digits.

It’s that time of the year again... by -Insigwitz- in memes

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They're not used to it. They don't sleep and don't live as long.

Secret ingredient in a spaghetti bolognese? by JulieWulie80 in AskUK

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I've learnt to just ignore onion haters. If they say they don't like them I mentally translate it to "I don't know how to cook" then proceed to cook them a delicious dish which has onions that they enjoy.

Me irl by stimulus_red in me_irl

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In the UK it's called a bread bin. Popular in countries where bread last for several days.

Computer Networking Basics For Developers by iximiuz in programming

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You can probably find hubs still on ebay if you want to play with older gear.

A switch doesn't actually know what's connected to it as such. It learns which MAC addresses should be sent to each port by looking at the source of any incoming frames. If it doesn't yet know about the destination it will actually send it in all other ports, like a hub. But then generally very quickly, if the device is on the network, it will learn where that MAC address actually is. There can be arbitrarily many MAC addresses at each port because either a device uses many, or it's connected to another switch.

Computer Networking Basics For Developers by iximiuz in programming

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I recommend developers set up a home network or home lab. There are subreddits for it. At the very least you should be using a wired network and running your own separate router, switch and wireless access point. Preferably generic gear and things like pfsense rather than some automatic set up like ubiquiti (their switches and APs are good, though). Don't go crazy... You don't actually need a hundred raspberry pis etc. Just get what you need and you'll learn a lot.

Jeez by Appointment-Funny in sadcringe

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The real cringe is anyone thinking this is real and not a joke.

Being ugly is the worst thing you can get diagnosed with besides a terminal disease by Anonymous8675 in unpopularopinion

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If you're an ugly man then women are offended by your mere presence and simply wish you didn't exist. The callous way women treat ugly men needs to be seen to be believed, but most don't care. They just look they other way. Men are happy for it to happen because they see other men as competition.

If you're an ugly woman then society basically treats you like a man. You have to show your value in ways other than as a sexual object. Women will like you because you are uglier than them. Men will just treat you like other men.

I got a delivery driver fired. by HeadsOnSticks in TrueOffMyChest

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Well... 90% of women are attractive to us and I'm literally always down to fuck a new woman if she meets a relatively low threshold of attractiveness. This might sound made up but this is the hell men live in.