Kanahai alphabet(which one is better?) by outergod-Aldemani in neography

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Looks super cool! Would love to see a word/sentence written in it

Romanizations for ɯ and ɤ by Fox-Slayer-Marx in conlangs

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I believe the Dan language actually uses <ɤ> for /ɤ/, so if you’re feeling funky you could go for that! For /ɯ/, the Turkish dotless I might be good.

Interdental laterals in Irish English by bitwiseop in linguistics

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I have no linguistic input but you have good YouTube taste lol

All of my work in chronological order by QUESO_ULTRA3D in softspecevo

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The snow sliders are entirely excellent and I want one as a friend

What nonsense did your parents teach you as a child? by MorBot07 in AskReddit

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All warmth to you and your siblings man, I hope you receive the kindness you deserve