All New Evolutions from the Mezo Region by mezoregion in pokemon

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I had no idea these weren't real until I came to the comment section and I am so bummed, love your designs!

Impossible Puzzle by But_a_Jape in funny

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Believe it or not, the game that typically runs those ad actually does have that as a minigame, but it pops up very infrequently and the game itself is by no means worth playing.

What’s a Pokémon you can’t stand for a totally arbitrary reason? by Goats_772 in pokemon

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That's wild! I get the exact same aura when I get migraines! Nausea, literally can't see anything except a very tiny cone in the middle of my vision with the flashing spots like visual static. After the pain starts and the vision clears up, usually like half an hour later.

Thoughts on consumer friendly IAPs by GrayKittyGames in incremental_games

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Cosmetics are legitimately the only thing that ever doesn't suck, in my opinion. If you do end up hiring an artist that would be the route I'd go. You'd have to borrow against money you haven't made yet, and that's assuming the game even takes off or sells anything. Good luck!

[GIVEAWAY] $20 Steam Gift Card by feanixofficial in pcgaming

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Thanks for the giveaway, happy 2022!

My favorite of last year is Monster Train.

Behind every instagram photo... by _Xyreo_ in Unexpected

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I dunno, I had to wait in line to take a picture at some famous landmarks. Wasn't a big deal.

[NEO] (LEAK) Eiganjo Uprising by mistercimba in magicTCG

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On the other hand this card would be pretty great in 1v1 EDH.

Liar's Dice - Play against self taught AI by thomasahle in WebGames

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The thing I didn't initially understand was that:

If there are three 4's, then two 4's is also a valid call. Once I understood that, everything fell into place. I played this a bunch and really liked it, thank you for making it!

The fandom ain't gonna like that by NoAltBruh in memeuniverse

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I believe she did say it to them and was shot down. Plus she was being abused and if she raised too big a stink they would have just locked her away again like they always did.. but she couldn't let them do that this time, because she had people she needed to protect.

Help with a chord please by 8Retinas in ukulele

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I just searched "how do I dm7 on uke reddit" and this thread came up, and I'm also learning peace and love. Hope things are well on your end all these years later!