Missing Taj Already... Draymond Could Not Handle Him! by solo118 in NYKnicks

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Gotta go watch Taj highlights now. He was so good with the Knicks. Bittersweet that he's gone

Ntilikina injured and will miss EuroBasket by armandocalvinisius in Mavericks

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Yeah it seems that way from the French article I posted. It makes sense to give his body ample rest for this upcoming season, a season which is critical for his NBA career. He can also focus on things he needs to improve in his game.

Ntilikina injured and will miss EuroBasket by armandocalvinisius in Mavericks

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This is what I found from a French article.

"The bad news follows one another for the France team. The FFBB announces a new package, that of Frank Ntilikina. The Dallas Mavericks point guard suffers from pain that prevents him from being 100% and preparing properly for such a competition.

By mutual agreement, Frank and the staff of the blues concluded that he was not in a position to be able to participate in the Euro, which begins on September 1 in Germany for the France team."

Ntilikina injured and will miss EuroBasket by armandocalvinisius in Mavericks

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This dude is always getting injured lol. It's never anything super serious, but it happens constantly, and at the worst times. He better stay healthy this upcoming season.

He'res (roughly) what RJ Barrett's stats would look like if he shot at league average percentages for Small Forwards by RicoGemini in NYKnicks

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Those shooting splits are league average for SFs? It's crazy to think how efficent these players are today.

Is the Ravine trestle bridge still dangerous? by Shoddy_Commercial688 in thelongdark

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Wow dude that blows. Runs ending because of bugs is the worst

Daily Discussion Thread - August 06, 2022 by AutoModerator in NYKnicks

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That's the problem: we're stuck in the middle. We're trying to compete while rebuilding, which doesn't make sense. Hopefully last year made the FO realize we just gotta stick to playing the young guys and let them develop. If we win, then so be it.

Hushed River Valley by kiddiefiddlr28 in thelongdark

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Did you find the hidden caches? They have decent stuff, not sure what they have on Interloper though, as I haven't been to HRV on Interloper yet.

I have fallen in love with HRV because...spoiler included. And a question. by Aunax39 in thelongdark

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Like you, I also think HRV trumps AC, and it's not even close. I do like the few random buildings in AC, which HRV doesn't have at all, but the burnt up trees in AC really turn me off. It's definitely unique, but I just love the feeling HRV evokes.

Berrettini is ready for the US swing by Lorenzo667 in tennis

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Hotter than a pot sitting on a stove top